Friday, February 27, 2009

my lovely dad

A close friend lost her Dad during the week and as I dropped flowers around to her place she said through her 
tears, "Just call your Dad". Since this blog is supposed to be about finding and documenting things to feel grateful for I thought there is no place better to start than with my gorgeous Dad. *Sigh* where to start with this beautiful, beautiful human being ... he is for me the ultimate role model of a 'present' parent. He was (and still is) always so generous with his time with my sister and me and at the same time was so tender and loving towards our Mum. As a grandfather (or 'Poppy' as he has been dubbed) he is unfailing in his energy levels and loving tenderness and humour with my children (see below!). So Dad, what more can I say but thank you and I love you! 

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  1. Reading your Blog is relaxing and comforting and makes me reflect about family things, thank you!


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