Tuesday, March 10, 2009

art supplies

Well I was just thinking last night that although this little blog'o'mine is quite fresh and new it seems to be heavily weighted so far towards the creative pursuits of one Miss S and not so much towards the person who really should be getting her creative juices flowing ... ME! 

I have been happily living vicariously through Sienna's artistic expression and then laying awake at night twitching with excitement after reading the extensive list of creative blogs I have recently become addicted to (see sidebar). One such AMAZING blog is Geninne's Art Blog which I spent hours pouring over the other night while Jamie twiddled his thumbs beside me waiting for his turn on the computer! Anyway Geninne very generously shares her 'secret weapons' on her blog and so armed with this list I ventured out this morning and stocked up!! 

Oh how I love love LOVE an art supplies store. If it weren't for a tired and hungry toddler I could have happily spent all day in there. With a few minor alterations to the list (I am starting with some basic water colour discs first), I have ended up with the following gorgeous collection ...

There is another story to the fabric stash I also picked up this morning, which I shall share later (just thought it added to the photo!). So now, I guess I can't just arrange the tools and photograph them and write about them, I better get to using them! 

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  1. Just wanted to say Hi and goodluck with your blog. Isn't it fun to find a comment?


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