Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Lovely Amanda at Soule Mama posted this link sometime ago which was fantastic timing as I had just introduced Sienna to the idea of using a marker as well as water colours. She was very taken with it and requested to watch it a (few) dozen times! 

Fast forward to this morning and as we were eating our breakfast I thought I'd dip into soulemama for my daily dose of inspiration only to find a link to the beloved clip again as well as some beautiful shots of her children painting. And so we watched said clip a dozen (or so) more times before racing out the door to pre-school. On our walk Sienna sang, "Art, art I want you ..." trailing off into her appropriation of the words and I couldn't help but grin that such a lovely clip had clearly made such a lasting impression on her.

Later this afternoon when she arrived home she raced to her art supplies, grabbed her water colours,  marker and book and set up shop at the dining room table. 

She painted this singing, "art, art I want you" over and over again and then said, "Mummy, can you put the thing from the computer on?" Dinner was getting a little 'crisp' but hey, who cares?! When inspiration takes hold it's hard not to go along for the ride! 


Thank goodness for lap tops! She was getting frustrated that she couldn't paint as fast as the artist in the clip and so did a series of these quick scribbles with much flair before filling in the colour. 


So thanks Amanda for thoroughly inspiring yet another child (and Mama!). 

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