Sunday, March 29, 2009

'The Artist's Way' anyone?

so I am really interested to hear from anyone who has actually completed Julia Cameron's twelve week course? I bought this book many years ago and I think I got about three weeks into it before I let it go for reasons I cannot recall. Anyway lately it has been calling me and today I finally pulled it off the shelf again and am really keen to give it a cracking good go this time but I think I might need support!

If you haven't done it and you wanna give it a go I'd also be REALLY interested in getting a little group together to work on it as a kind of 'community' (which she actually suggests in the book). And if you have done it I'd love to hear any tips for how you managed to keep going and what you felt you got out of it.

So ... whaddaya reckon? Anyone interested? 


  1. Hi Mel, nice to 'meet' you! Have started the Artist's Way many times but never completed! I know friends who have done and they did it as a group which helped immensely. I found the morning pages to be the most helpful sugggestion.
    The Divided Heart is a wonderful read; it had me feeling very restless for my creativity. I had to work through that feeling to be reminded that motherhood itself is a creative path.

    I have read Louise Porter too- really inspiring!

  2. Hi Kirti. Yeah the morning pages unearthed interesting things for me but I didn't have children then so was uninterrupted in the mornings! The couple of people know who have completed the 12 weeks rave about how much it has changed their lives. And you are soooo right, motherhood is indeed a creative path! Thanks for visiting!

  3. It's a great book! But I've started it a few times and never completed it... and I'm wondering what that says about me! Although thinking about it, I think it's more likely that you go to it when you are feeling blocked and even in just a few exercises it helps. So in my mind that makes it an EXCELLENT book.


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