Tuesday, March 31, 2009

basket case ... or a case of baskets

I have an addiction. Besides purple. And stationery. It's baskets. 

Oh how I lurve baskets. And I have many of them but it seems I can never have enough. 

In my recent clearing of plastic toys I have realised that perhaps we needed some more little baskets here and there to house the bits and pieces that are left (and can I just add here that not one of the plastic toys I gathered up has been requested? I may be speaking too soon but I knew it!). Then last week I drove by a little vintage/shabby chic type shop which had a very lovely looking basket outside and almost burnt rubber doing a U-turn to race in, "and just have a little look"! And lo and behold they were having a sale on baskets! It was meant to be I tell you!

Here is some of my collection ...

I must say even the plastic toys look better when housed in cute little baskets. 

And they seem to have inspired in Sienna this very aesthetically pleasing process of creating 'collections' ...

And if you love baskets as much as I do check this out! Ah love it!


  1. I am a basket collector as well.

    your blog is absolutely beautiful!

  2. I'm a basket collector as well.

    your blog is absolutely beautiful!

  3. Lovely photos (and I have a thing for baskets too!).

  4. Oh, I love baskets too! Baskets stacked haphazardly, baskets lined up on a shelf, baskets tucked under a couch or a bed, baskets over the arm full of picnic lunch....

  5. I knew there would be more basket lovers out there that would appreciate that post (though I was worried it would go down as the most boring post ever if no one else was a basket fan!).

    More basket posts to come!

    And oh oh oh how amazing to have comments! You have all made my day!


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