Friday, March 20, 2009

cross your fingers

I have been so inspired lately by all the gorgeous sewing going on in my favourite blogs (see here and here especially), and a while back purchased some gorgeous fabric from good-ness without really knowing what I was going to do with it. All I knew was that I wanted to get sewing again! My sister has an old-ish machine which she kindly loaned me and so not long ago I sat down with a very simple pattern and some of the gorgeous good-ness fabric, thinking I would whip up a skirt for my girl only to realise I had none of the cords required to power the thing! And unfortunately they are deep in storage at my parents place, not likely to see the light of day in a hurry - or not quick enough for me anyway!

Anyhow about two weeks ago just by chance I picked up a magazine I don't usually buy at the supermarket and whilst flicking through it back at home I noticed a competition to win a sewing machine! I saw it as a sign and immediately my brain whirred into action thinking of how I could communicate (in 25 words or less), how much I WANTED this machine! I came up with the following ...

I cut the letters free hand (can't you tell?), from fabric off cuts I bought for a $1 a pop at a local quilting store and then used some special fabric glue to stick them on to these three sheets of A3 paper. Believe it or not it took me about three hours per night over four nights to get it all done! I hope I am not jinxing myself but I must admit I am having a very good feeling about this! Oh and do you think it helps that the winner will be announced on my birthday? I do! Stay tuned for the results ....

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  1. Oh Mel, fingers crossed you win! It looks fantastic! xx


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