Tuesday, March 3, 2009


My lovely neighbour Jo knocked on the door on Sunday while I was in the middle of changing a nappy, trying to get dinner cooked and attempting to make the house look slightly less a bomb had dropped on it with these ...

I almost burst into tears I was so overwhelmed with gratitude! What is it about flowers that just make me so, so happy? It has been an absolute delight to watch them slowly open over the last few days and has reminded me that perhaps the odd bunch gifted to myself here and there wouldn't really hurt! 

As I was unwrapping them and putting them in the vase a couple of buds fell off. I couldn't bear parting with any of them and so have found a place for them in my bathroom. I love having flowers in the bathroom. It seems to take away the cold austere nature of this room. It even inspired me to clean up a bit in there in order to more fully appreciate it's beauty.  

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