Friday, March 6, 2009

frangipani flowers

ok so I have been fairly vocal about my desire for this summer to be O.V.E.R and I am very glad to be experiencing that cool, crisp autumn breeze BUT of course now that it seems summer is on it's way out I am suddenly realising all the things I love about it! Like for instance, the fact that I can peg out a load of laundry at 2 in the afternoon and it's dry by 5pm (or the fact that I can leave it there till 7pm with no problem!). Or that the kids can run about wearing next to nothing and I don't have to worry. And that our massive frangipani tree smells and looks divine. Check this out for a comparison of seasons ...


Anyway seasons change and that means that the mass of frangipani flowers are starting to drop onto the ground creating a beautifully perfurmed carpet. Sienna enjoys picking these up and using them in her play (see 'it started with a table' below). A couple of days ago she picked up a  handful and declared, "I want to put these in a bowl with some water and some pebbles" - a florist in the making perhaps?! Sounded like an excellent plan to me so we got to work collecting some pebbles and a suitable shallow bowl. 
And the results?

Yeah. I think I will miss summer. 

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