Thursday, March 26, 2009

the gardener

A week or so ago the kids and I went to stay at my parents place so I could do a course (the coursework for which, I should be doing now ...). My guys don't get to see their grandparents on both sides all that often due to distance, but I guess the great thing is that when they do it's for extended periods of time.

Anyway Luca is totally besotted by my Dad (and who wouldn't be? He is awesome!), and basically shadowed him the whole time we were there. 

I just couldn't resist taking four million shots of the fun they were having watering the garden...

Love the intense look on his face in this shot. Such concentration!

Got out of the way just in time with this one! The camera was saved but my legs were drenched! I think he realised the power he was wielding!

All finished! Now onto the next job ...

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