Thursday, March 12, 2009

my drawing boy

If early signs are anything to go by I think my little man will be a very creative bean. Being a second child has so many advantages, one being the early access Luca has had to Sienna's many art materials. Of course this has often been fraught with difficulties as Luca, also a very adept climber, is regularly found sitting atop the drawing/writing table texta in hand making some very expressive marks all over the walls! 

The control freak in me wants to keep all these implements as far away from him as possible and yet I still want Sienna to have the freedom of ready access to a range of creative tools. At this point I am thinking the only solution is a crash course for Luca in how to use all these items as well as the very repetitive laying down of some ground rules ("Not in your mouth, on the paper" seems to come up a lot!). 

Some work from this morning ...

Oh and one last photo that I could not resist ... 

No show without Punch ... or in this case Maxie cat! 

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