Wednesday, April 1, 2009

my version of repurposing (and procrastinating)

For some time now I have been meaning to do 'something' with this print which I really just don't love ...

Why do we have it if we dislike it, I hear you say? Well, many many years ago when Jamie and I first moved in together we bought a bunch of furniture from a display home his Dad had set up. Of course lots of it included pieces I would not have purposely chosen but hey, we were broke and it was furniture therefore, we weren't complaining (well, I kinda was ...). 

Anyway part of the haul was this picture which I hated on the spot. I don't know, it just seemed way too bright and a bit of a Matisse wannabe but we always thought we would use the frame for something else. It's almost ten years later people and finally on the weekend I did something with it. I should insert here that we tried to sell in on ebay with no success and so it has just hung around like a bad smell for the better part of a decade! So this is monumental people!

So here is my little weekend project, step-by-step ...

Firstly, what to put in the frame? Over the years we have considered posters we've bought from art exhibitions but they are generally rectangular in shape and this is a definite square (which is one of the few things I like about it). We also considered putting a mirror in the frame but it is already soooooo heavy we wondered if any hook could possibly hold it up without pulling half the wall down! So, finally I had the brain wave of using some postcards we bought on a trip to New York a few years ago (ah, the MoMA shop - I could live there), in a "collagey" sort of way.


Now in pulling apart the frame from the board I cut myself quite substantially on the glass and bled onto the frame board stuff! I did take pictures of this but thought better of posting them! Any I tried to rub the blood off but it just made these ugly scuff marks. *sigh* I realised the off white colour of the frame board probably didn't suit the black and white photos anyway so out came the paint!

Oh yeah I decided I might as well just paint over the lot. And it was quite cathartic after all these years of staring at a picture I do not like to just paint right over the top of it! 

Then came the tricky part of trying to lay out all the photos in a way that didn't look too planned but at the same time I wanted to be respectful of the photographs - meaning, I didn't want to cover over someone's face or anything and then hang it on my wall. I just felt that would be wrong! 

And the final product ... 

Ahhhh much better and a nice little semi-creative process for me. 

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