Tuesday, March 24, 2009

plastic #2

an update from the trenches ...

Hilarious I know to try and take a half decent shot of a pile of plastic *c--p* but I felt I needed a visual. This is my haul from a sweep of the cupboards and the toybox (ok and the lounge room floor), this morning. And yes, that is a plastic tub holding the plastic stuff but it will be used later to store out of season clothing, which in my damp house means being in plastic. Believe me I've tried other options.
So what to do with it all? Donate it? Sell it in order to purchase some of the wooden toys on my wish list? Now to find a place to stash it all while I ponder these questions ...


  1. I know what you mean, I have so much plastic here and it can get depressing at times! I secretly do a cull of the kids room on my kid free days, they are none the wiser then! xx

  2. You must be right. Plastic must multiply. I have the same problem and am decluttering as well. Good luck with the studio and sewing machine!


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