Monday, March 23, 2009


How did it get here? Did I buy some of it? Does plastic multiply without me noticing? 

I have decided it is time to do a major collection of all the hideous plastic *crap* that has found it's way into our home. This is going to be a major exercise requiring military precision and timing and will most likely also need to be done under the cover of darkness in case I am spotted by the plastic lovers (a.k.a my two children and various family members). 

I don't know how we got to this place considering I was diligent at work choosing wood and natural, sustainable materials for toys and equipment wherever possible. I think the dominant culture in seemingly every children's store I walked into since having Sienna eventually took over from my common sense and so we have ended up with far too many brightly coloured plastic toys that quite frankly, assault my senses. 

Now for the tricky part - convincing family and friends not to gift any more of these items in favour of more simple, natural, open-ended play materials! Eeek! Sure to be tricky but I think it's worth having the conversation. Any hints for how to approach this are most welcome!
(p.s the photo above is not even the tip of the iceberg!)


  1. And here I was hoping you'd share some hints for me! I was too naive when I first had children to say no to plastic (and have family and friends listen to me) and we are flooded from the basement to the third floor with plastic items. If I cleared out the plastic my children would mutiny--as they would have almost nothing left--and I can't see how to lessen it. =(

  2. I know what you mean re friends and family listening to you. My heart starts to beat faster when I think of having a conversation about his with family and friends. I have resigned myself to the fact that they may think I am being kooky but that the kids and I will be happy and so will the environment! Let me know if you have any luck and thanks for commenting!


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