Saturday, March 28, 2009

scenes from my backyard

the great thing about starting this blog has been my increasing use of our camera. Jamie went out and bought our you beaut little number about a year ago (I think it's a Canon 400D but he has absconded with it up to his parents place this weekend so I can't double check! And don't I feel like a part of my body has been stolen!)

Anyway when he first brought it home I was a bit scared of it - all those numbers and lenses, who could be bothered learning how it all worked? Jamie seems to have a good eye and has taken some awesome shots with it over the past year and so I think I just left the photography up to him. Also my sister is a photographer and teaches it at a local college and so I guess in my mind, photography was 'taken' (how weird - I am only just realising this as I type. Talk about stream of consciousness!). 

But since discovering Amanda's blog I have been inspired to start snapping away. Even before I started my own blog I decided using the camera was a great way to document the 'extraordinary ordinariness' of our days (in fact, that was going to be the potential title for this blog!). Again, this is something I did every day when I worked with children and yet hadn't used nearly enough with my own. 

So enough of the rambling. Here are some shots of our (very tiny) backyard taken in the afternoon a couple of days ago just before a storm hit. 

The quintessential Aussie gum tree from two doors down.

Trying out the big lense (not sure of the technical term!)

Wishing you all a happy (and snappy?!) weekend! 

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