Wednesday, March 25, 2009


grab a cuppa it's a doozy...

ok time for something slightly more inspiring than piles of plastic. Recently we decided to merge the kids bedrooms for a variety of reasons. Firstly, poor Luca suffered from far too many chest infections last winter which my doctor said would not have been helped by the dampness in his room. Secondly, I was hoping to perhaps promote a little more harmony between Sienna and Luca, and thirdly I had a strong desire to create our own version of a "studio" or "atelier" inspired by many of the blogs I frequent. And I have to say so far it is all working a treat! I was slightly concerned that any night waking on the part of one would disturb the other but so far, amazingly, they each seem to sleep through any disturbance the other makes. On the harmony front it has been so delightful to hear them both giggling in the morning and more often than not we walk in to find Sienna in Luca's cot! 

And our studio (or 'art room' as Sienna has dubbed it)? Well it has a way to go but it is coming along quite nicely ...

I know this photo is terribly dark but the flash really would have ruined the lovely light that the room has. Hopefully you can see the little drawing/writing desk in the corner and also the dolls house. I love the windows in this room.

Another view of the desk. In the top right hand corner is some of Sienna's work trying to perfect heart shapes. The water colours on the wall above are also hers - a study of rainbows.

One of the sofas that was struggling to fit in our lounge room has a new home and is large enough for my sister to sleep on when she comes to stay. Ideally I would like this space to be cleared for a desk and a place for my sewing machine (which I WILL be winning!), but have no idea where this great hulk of a sofa would fit elsewhere in our tiny house. 

This bookshelf (which used to be Jamie's as a kid - gotta love that), houses about one tenth of the books in this house but is now also a place for all my reference books collected over the years. For some reason these had all been stored away in boxes (did I not think books about children's spaces, development, experiences and learning would be relevant to my own children?! Duh!). Now it is a great place to flick through these texts and feel inspired myself while Sienna and Luca are busy creating, playing and working.

Are you still there? Got time for more?

I just love how Sienna has decorated the inside and outside of the dolls house!

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  1. Your studio looks like a lovely room to create in OR to dream in. =)



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