Saturday, April 11, 2009

the artist's way link up

Well I wasn't totally bowled over with people keen to give The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron a cracking good go (though I did get some lovely comments from people who, like me, had attempted it or use it to dip in out of when the need arises), but in a way, that kinda suited me.
You see I think I was recently drawn to it because I am meant to be doing course work for the world's most boring qualification, and I was wondering if it was just me procrastinating. I mean, it has sat on a shelf for over three years and I get the urge to do it now?! 

Anyway I was checking in on all my blogs today (more procrastinating but gee whiz, is it fun!) and desire to inspire has done there regular reading list. Just by chance (or was it?) I clicked on one called two ellie and found a link to an Artist's Way book club that only just started this week! Hurray! 

Now I figure this is a sign and that I just really need to start being vigilant with my time and set aside a few nights a week for the world's most boring course work, a few nights for my blog catch ups (imperative), and a few nights for the Artist's Way. Easy.

So if you want to join in the 'fun' (I say 'fun' because parts of the book are apparently quite difficult emotionally) drop in here to indicate your interest. I'm sure it's not too late! 

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