Tuesday, April 28, 2009

go with the flow

yesterday was the last day of Sienna's pre-school holidays. It was a perfect clear autumn day and I did have a brief moment of thinking we should go down to the beach. But then the thought of transporting two children and assorted paraphernalia made me feel exhausted (then this morning reading soulemama's adventures with FOUR children on the beach I felt highly inadequate!). 

So instead I thought we could just have a relaxing day hanging at home ... ok and yes, I did visualise this lovely day having some time in it for me to do some sewing ;)

Well, try as I might the day was slipping away as another load of washing was done, sibling arguments were sorted, beds were made and all that fun stuff. I was noticing myself feeling really agitated and watching the clock as each hour slipped by, thinking I was never going to get in front of that machine! Until finally I caught myself in this feeling, took a deep breath and let go ... and figured the only way to joy was going to be found through following the lead of my little ones.
And this is one of the adventures they took me on ... 

Yes, I even relaxed for long enough to do a drawing myself!

These ones were dubbed, "Hula Skirts" by Sienna.

Oh, and I did get to do a tiny bit of sewing late in the afternoon.

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  1. Looks like the kids had A LOT of fun with this - great idea!


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