Monday, April 20, 2009

he ain't heavy ...

... he's my brother N30 sewing machine! Isn't he pretty!

Now at the moment he is sitting atop an old telephone table I picked up off the street. Needless to say not very conducive to good posture while sewing not to mention the fact that my legs can't go under the table. So far I have been sewing a a kind of side saddle fashion. But it's all good! I'm sewing! 

And here's the proof ...

Lovely that I managed to get our bin in the background but it was difficult to get a shot without Sienna moving about. I got this gorgeous butterfly fabric from good-ness some time back and have been desperate to get his little baby all sewn up! Mind you the fabric is so light I am wondering if she will get any wear out of it before the next summer rolls around!

I also bought some beautiful animal print fabric at the same time as the butterfly print and so yesterday afternoon I set out to make a pair of pants for Luca.

Can you see what I've done? I've cut out exactly the same pattern twice (for the back and the front) rather than changing it's orientation! The instructions on the pattern pieces only said to pin it to the right side of the fabric and then cut two pieces, but I guess they assume a certain amount of common sense and prior sewing experience (that doesn't include high school)! Now I have two identical legs and not enough fabric left over to start again, so I have decided to get some sort of complimentary fabric (denim? navy?), and have one leg in this print and one in the other fabric. Jamie gave me a weird look when I mentioned this but then he suggested perhaps a little pocket or something in the animal print could tie it all together. 

What  do you think? Any other suggestions? 

Post Script: I forgot to add the link to good-ness above earlier and in doing so have found out she is having a closing down sale - 50% off everything! 


  1. This is going to be fun. Providing sewing advice via comments!! Ok. Left leg looking at photo. What is the measurement from the edge of the top grey elephant to the crutch seam next to the pink horse?

  2. hahaha. i am SO glad i read the blog post before the comment, otherwise, that would be SO bizarre!!

    Thanks for your lovely post on Pip's blog about mine, Mel..
    Good luck with your sewing..
    I am handsewing toys right now, but am hoping to get some clothes sewn when I get back from my trip!!
    good Luck!

  3. Hey Mel - just a couple of other questions while I'm here. Is Luca still in nappies? And which part of the pants is the open side?? Cryptic question isn't it? In the picture it looks like the inner leg is folded over so I am guessing the seam would be on the outer leg??

  4. Hey Mel, just thought I would add this link for you too, it has some great tutorials and lots of easy things to start off with!

    Much Love Mel xx

  5. Hey Melanie I am thinking I should email you this but am not sure of your email address? Thanks for trying to help. The pattern has four separate pieces so it has an inner and an outer leg seam. It has this strange false fly deal (which is the rectangular sort of shape on the right side of the fabric (right leg of the pants) but it's clearly supposed to meet up with the same rectangular shape on the other leg but because I have cut out two identical shapes for the front and then for the back they of course don't match up. Does that make any more sense?
    Oh and yes Luca is still in nappies but I assume the pattern allowed for this? I made them to the 18 month old sizing so surely they would assume a nappy might be involved? Will definitely be steering clear of Burda patterns for the time being - "Simplicity" all the way!

  6. Love that fabric as a skirt! Cute. I recently purchased some exactly the same from Leslie too! I hope you have a long lasting and wonderful relationship with your new machine.


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