Saturday, April 18, 2009

i am a complete numbskull

like, completely and totally S.T.U.P.I.D. 

You know the sewing machine competition that I have been harping on and on (and on) about? Well in the magazine that featured the competition it mentioned to look up the terms and conditions on their website which, I dutifully did but could not for the life of me find them anywhere. 

You know what's coming don't you ... I bloody well found them last night didn't I!

I swear swear SWEAR (like, a LOT!), that every time I searched the site to check if they had been posted, they hadn't been - at least not that I could see. So last night when I checked of course, I found them in five seconds flat and guess what? You were meant to write your 25 words or less on the back of an envelope!!!! Not cut and paste 25 words out of fabric on three sheets of A3 paper!!!!! Aaaarrrrghhh! And to think I could have just written the same thing out on to the back of an envelope and sent it as late as Wednesday (entries closed midnight 15 April)! 

Anyway (*breathe, breathe*), I am trying to just shake it off and say to myself that it was a sign (of stupidity) that perhaps I was meant to choose my own sewing machine and not have one chosen for me - well, that's my line and I am sticking to it ... either that or I will go and stab myself in the eye with my never used fabric scissors! 

And so to that end dear reader, I wonder, if you sew, could you enlighten me with what machine you use and whether you would recommend it or any other brand? Also, whether you think the computerised thing is the way to go or just mechanical? And any other bits of info you think would help. 

Cool. That will make me feel better. Slightly. 

post script: I went out this afternoon and bought a machine! A brother something-or-other. Not top of the line but certainly way more advanced than anything I have ever used before (threads it's own needle - brilliant!). First skirt is being whipped up tonight!


  1. hooray for sewing!
    i am keen to get one too, but am poor, so have been scoping out gumtree...
    reminds me.. must head over there soon..

    i have a great book called sew what? skirts! which has some great patterns and clear instructions for sewing!!!
    i must get that out again soon too!!

    enjoying your blog :)

  2. You know, that is a great story with a fantastic ending!! You now have a sewing machine! Woo Hoo! Congratulations and I can't wait to see the skirt. And thanks for posting your pancake recipe. I am going to go out on a limb and follow it down to the last flip. =)

  3. PS: I watched Rockwiz last night and Archie Roach performed "From little things big things grow" and I naturally thought of you. I meant to tell you earlier that I think the name of your blog is great. A great song and a great blog.

  4. and a great performer! Archie is the best. Thanks for that Melanie - it means the world to me ;)

    And would love to hear how you go with the pancakes! You're allowed to fiddle round the edges with the recipe so long as you've followed it at least once ;)


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