Monday, April 13, 2009

knittety knittety knittety knit

my little man currently has two favourite books; Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak and his latest favourite is this one, Derek the Dinosaur by Mary Blackwood and Kerry Argent.

The story is about a not-so-ordinary dinosaur who likes to knit instead of roaring and fighting like his two older brothers Fearless and Fang (gotta love that!). Of course all his knitting pays off when the ice age starts to arrive and his brothers suddenly realise how useful all Derek's knitting could be. And so they arrive shivering on his doorstep ...

... where Derek pours them a cup of tea and retrieves some handmade woolley goods for them to wear! Luca's favourite part goes like this;

"I'm glad," remarked Fang when he'd thawed out a bit,
"that dear little Derek would rather just sit,
and go

So I'm not sure if it's been the reading and re-reading of this book, or the fact that there is a distinct Autumn chill in the air or whether it is all the influential knitters out there in the blogosphere but yesterday I picked up some long forgotten knitting ...

It's certainly nothing too difficult. Just one more scarf to add to the pile. In fact the only thing I have ever managed to knit is scarves! I think I started it when I was pregnant with Sienna and she will be turning four next month! Talk about forgotten. Even the needles had a coating of what looked to be mould due to all the damp in our house! 

Anyhow it was very delightful to just sit and knit while the kids were playing yesterday afternoon instead of running around cleaning up or thinking about dinner. Only problem was I was a point of much interest for two little people who rarely see Mum sit and knit! 

Luckily I had a decoy ball of wool laying around ...

All in all I had a quite meditative ten minutes or so. I was even offered an easter egg!

Now to finish this scarf ... where's that Derek and his pot of tea when I need him? ;)


  1. What a wonderful book! I'll have to look for it here. And I love the wool you are using for your scarf. (I also love the little one running around in striped shirt and nappy).

  2. I LOVE that book, my little munch has had it read to her about a million times now :)


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