Monday, April 6, 2009

sewing machine!

No, unfortunately not mine (though I still believe I WILL win it), but one I found at a local school fete yesterday morning ...

Ok yes I know it is plastic and it is a particularly offensive shade of pink (plastic+pink=hideous), but wait till you hear how much it cost ....... ONE DOLLAR!!!! Yes, you read it right $1! I could hardly believe it was still sitting there on the table amongst all the other second hand toys. I did really want this one and had planned on buying it for Sienna's birthday but ONE DOLLAR! How could I pass that up?

And here is the kicker - IT WORKS! I didn't even test it at the fete because I just assumed for one dollar (ONE DOLLAR!), it surely wouldn't be working but it does! It has a little foot pedal and everything! 

Now I did plan on keeping it hidden until the birthday (in May) but accidently on purpose left it on my bed after showing Jamie ("And it was ONE DOLLAR!"), and sure enough, 'ol eagle eyes spotted it. Hard to miss that colour I guess. Of course she immediately fell in love, so much so that it needed to come in the car with us yesterday on our long journey out to a friends place for a bbq ...

And then at 5:57am this  morning I heard her little voice, "I need some fabric" as she excitedly set it all up at the table ...

Even Luca got to have a turn. When Sienna wasn't looking.

And I have even been told that I can share it too. Hopefully mine (that I WILL win), will arrive not long after my birthday and I won't have to, but in the meantime it is tempting ...


  1. what a wonderful gift, and a wonderful find - one dollar!

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  3. Sometimes I think pink plastic is fabulous. Here's a case in point! Fun!


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