Thursday, April 23, 2009

sewing spaces

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so I mentioned in my last post that my new love (a.k.a my sewing machine), is sitting on top of a salvaged telephone table and that currently when I want to sew, it has to be done sitting side on to the machine. Definitely not an ideal situation. So last Sunday we all went on a family outing to try and find some sort of table or desk, but considering we started this hunt at 3:30pm, I guess it's not surprising that we didn't come home with anything.

Anyway since then I have been trying to get really clear in my head about what I want and here's what I've come up with: in the absence of the EXACT same cupboard from Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing...

I would like a white or extremely light Scandinavian-like wood table as opposed to a desk type thing. 

I am completely in love with the idea of trestle legs and a separate top like here but I am having a hard time convincing someone else of the strength and stability of anything that comes from ikea (I think he is visualising himself spending a whole weekend with his friend 'Allen' the key). Has anyone got any experience with this kind of table for sewing?
So I'd be really interested in hearing how and where you house your sewing machine or really, any other creative space you may work in. I need some inspiration!


  1. Hey Mel! I have just posted a possible solution to your pants dilemma on my blog. Hope it helps you out!

    BTW love these sewing spaces. What I'd do for an extra room!

  2. Our kids have lots from IKEA and love everything. They are really rough on furniture and have not had any problems.
    Good Luck!


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