Wednesday, April 8, 2009

sticks & stones ... or in this case just sticks

I have developed a thing for sticks. I keep seeing interesting looking sticks and twigs laying about and feel compelled to pick them up and take them home and arrange them ... and that's about all I've done with them so far. 

I think it may have started from seeing this lovely project which I'd love to try when I WIN my sewing machine (less than a week until it's drawn!). 

It's funny how once I start to fixate on something (like sticks), that it's suddenly all I see. There is a name for that phenomenon but it escapes me at this moment. Any ideas? 

Anyway I was flicking through my Real Living mag the other day when I spotted this spread on the home of Sherry Olsen and it seems she loves sticks too.

Here are some of her sticks painted with a red gloss ...

And here she has sticks suspended in parallel rows on the back of a door! Genius!

This collection is probably my favourite though ...

Lots of cute little twigs and sticks arranged quite singularly in their own glasses and small ceramic mugs. 

So I may be playing fiddle sticks over the next few weeks ... at least until my sewing machine arrives! 

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