Wednesday, May 6, 2009


yesterday was our eight year anniversary (phew! Survived the seven-year-itch), and Jamie came home with this intensely fragrant bundle of lovliness 

Sienna was most taken with them - they were pink after all - and couldn't resist touching each and every one of them, exclaiming how soft they all were. I suggested maybe she could just look at the flowers and that perhaps they were a little bit delicate to touch too much. She sat back, drew in a deep breath and said, 

"Oh mummy I can SMELL the softness!"


  1. Oh that little Miss 'S'!! What a wise, wise soul she is!! Who could put it better? Hope you had a lovely anniversary! X

  2. What a gorgeous quote! And they are stunning roses! I can almost smell them now. And congratulations on your 8th Anniversary!

    My favourite fragrance is rose - the old fashioned kind. I wear rose oil every day . If I could choose a final smell it would be definitely be the scent of fresh heritage roses.

  3. Congratulations!

    The roses are lovely--look at the shadows and tints of pink.


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