Friday, May 22, 2009

ego sewing

so I mentioned in this post that my next sewing project would be something really simple in order to pump up my ego enough before I tackle something more substantial. After the difficulties I had with Luca's animal pants (which he has worn most proudly a few times), I decided I would make a pin cushion. Easy, and the added bonus of being something very useful. I can't tell you how fiddly it has been to try to fish around for slippery pins in the little plastic box they came in not to mention how many have bounced out when I have tried to toss them back in to their tiny box while I am in the midst of sewing a seam, only to be found later laying on the floor! Luckily no little feet have found them as yet! 

So Gret over at a little red ribbon had posted this fantastic pin cushion tutorial she had found and I thought it looked relatively within my means as well as being pretty cute. 

Admittedly, the printed out tute has sat on the sewing table for some time as life has been a bit chaotic around here for the last few weeks with birthday parties, illnesses and some night work for me at a local community college. But, yesterday afternoon I sensed a moment to get started and seized it with both hands. Ahhh it was nice to be sitting at that machine again with slight confidence that I may actually achieve this without any major mishaps! 

So here's what I've got ...

The white fabric is from the Aunty Cookie fabric samples pack I bought at the Finders Keepers markets last week and the gorgeous blue printed fabrics are from a little pack of Japanese prints I bought some time ago from a local quilting place. 

Ta da! All in all a pretty successful sewing session - I now have a pin cushion and some confidence to tackle the next project. Now to decide what that will be ....


  1. looks lovely! I may just have to make myself one!

  2. I knew I should have checked your blog before graffiti-ing on your shots at flickr. It looks fantastic! Well done!

  3. Very Nice Mel! I must make one for myself, I am having the same problem with you, especially with too many little hands and feet around my place!

  4. Beautiful! So glad your mojo is back! Love the fabric too. I'm a sucker for Japanese prints.


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