Monday, May 11, 2009


yesterday we had a party for Sienna's fourth birthday. It was a small and simple family affair. Having put on a big friends/fairy/face painting shindig last year we figured we could down-size condsiderably this year.

Sienna's search for "the cake" starts pretty much the day after her previous birthday. She pours over the Women's Weekly Kids' Party Cakes cook book for hours. Meanwhile I live in fear of what she will pick, ("please not the carousel or the castle ... PLEASE!").

Well this year she picked something considerably easy - the lazy ladybird. Compared to the last few years this year looked set to be relatively straight forward except that I had to lug all the ingredients to my mum and dad's place (two hours north of Sydney) because the party was being held in their hometown. 

Anyway it all worked out pretty well and the birthday girl was most impressed. Except that I don't think she actually ate any of the cake instead opting for the freckles on top! 

More on some other party food later ... 


  1. Great looking cake! I'm sure she loved it!

  2. It looks soooo good that I have to comment again (I am stalking you on flickr too ; D) MMM

  3. Melanie I totally appreciate ALL your comments! Stalk away!

  4. Nice work on the cake! Happy birthday to Sienna!


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