Friday, June 5, 2009

back to reality


we arrived back from paradise late Monday night to find that winter had well and truly hit Sydney. And as if it wasn't difficult enough to leave perfect sunny days of about 28 degrees (C), it has also been cloudy and raining on and off since our arrival back home. So as a result I have about five baskets of laundry in various states of cleanliness kicking about the place *sigh*! Talk about crashing back to reality! 

Time to start planning the next holiday I think ... 

Oh and can I add that not all the piles are in such nice baskets but I thought taking a photo of the laundry stacked in the icky plastic ones would be far too much reality for everyone really! 


  1. Oh it's a pain isn't it Mel? Paul and I go away every year at least once kid free and my only saving grace is the fact that my inlaws move in here whilst we are away and everything is well and truly clean and tidy when we arrive home, even a home cooked meal on the table! I hope you had a wonderful time and yes, you really should do it more often! xx

  2. Oh yes...coming back from a child free holiday always brings you crashing back to reality so quickly. Hope you ahd a great time!

  3. Good things always come to an end, but sad when its a holiday like that! Pictures looked amazing and I'm glad you had a great time - welcome back. (glad you liked Rosie!)


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