Sunday, June 28, 2009

sunday stash #2


Thank you so much for all those very helpful hints on matching up my seams. I was fully prepared to hear lots of, "yes you need to unpick it all" so it was really refreshing to hear that this is a common, but sort of acceptable problem!

My sewing machine came with a 1/4 inch seam foot (thank heavens), but I think the thing that has made the biggest difference has been ironing the seams in opposite directions. Not only are they lining up better but it is so much simpler to sew. Previously I had only read to press the seams towards the darkest colour so that's what I was doing. I will also try the 'pins through the seams' tip - so simple and yet makes so much sense. Thanks again everyone!
Ok. Now for the Sunday Stash part of the program. I received not one but TWO deliveries of fabric in the mail this week! This was the first ...

a bit more green (which I mentioned I felt I needed here), and some Alexander Henry Starling ... just 'cause. 

The following day I received this gorgeous parcel, 

from Rita at Red Pepper Quilts. It is Rita's Strawberry Patches quilt which I am modelling my quilt on (only in green), and she has been so generous with her support of my project. And then this fabric arrived! I could not contain my excitement and of course my gratitude. 

I have chosen these from Rita's bundle to add to my quilt,

and  I get warm and fuzzy feelings when I think that some of Rita's fabric will make up a part of my special quilt - many, many thanks Rita.


  1. Your stash is heavenly Mel. Had to mop up dribble on the keyboard!!

  2. Lovely Fabrics from Rita....Enjoy the Journey...

  3. Love your Stash addition and how lovely is Rita!

  4. Love the last 2 green fabrics that you chose. Good luck with the quilt.

  5. beautiful pieces to play with! i love the "just cause" starlings too! have fun!

  6. Oh the jealousy! I'm sorry. I just can't help it. I WANT that fabric!


  7. Lovely fabrics. Love those two green ones from Rita, do you know what they're called?

  8. Mmmm good question ... I will ask and get back to you! There was a nice small polka dot one with the same green and yellow tones in there too but blogger cut the photo when I published it into this post.

  9. Oh - this is going to be a lovely quilt! You are right about the greens being soothing. I have not yet made a quilt where all the seams match up by the way - and I don't think I ever will :-)

  10. Lovely lovely fabrics.

  11. The generosity of blogger types really does give me a case of the warm and fuzzies!

  12. A serious case of stash envy...all those greens - delish! And how kind is Rita?!


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