Friday, July 17, 2009

friday favourites - room for one (or two) more

Was it just me or did everyone else burst in to tears when Julie from Master Chef described her vision for her cook book should she win? 

If you missed it, don't watch it, or live on the other side of the world her idea is to write a cookbook that features a different family and their favourite recipes in each chapter and then ... wait for it ... the final chapter would be blank so that the family who owned the book could fill it with their own recipes! Cue the swelling music and bring on the tissues! This is one cook book I can certainly make room for on my shelves! 

Some of my favourite books that I refer to often! 

And while we on the topic of cook books I just received this one last night. Karen Martini's Cooking at home. A belated birthday present from a dear friend who knows my passion for good food!

I am also reviewing this one to see if I want to buy a copy for myself

Feeding the Whole Family by Cynthia Lair on loan from my friend Antonia. This book has been mentioned on a few blogs I read, most notably I guess here on Soulemama. I am looking forward to it revolutionising the way I think about the food I provide for my family - i.e. whole milk anybody? Does anyone else own and recommend this book? 

What's your favourite cookbook?

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  1. Hey Mel, you need to have a look at my sister in laws book, "Secrets of the Red Lantern", its based on their restaurant in Surrey Hills and the food is to die for!
    Mark, my brother in law was on Masterchef as a mentor when one group won a challenge. He is also on RSC a bit too. But yes, I turned to Paul last night and said what a fantastic idea for a book!
    Much Love xx

  2. Had one of the best meals in my life at Red Lantern with Luke cooking!
    I was actually standing in the bookshop today trying to decide to buy a book. I will be really interested to hear what people recommend. I've been cooking a bit of Jamie Oliver recently and wondering about getting another of his...

  3. oh, I'd love one of Karen Martini's yet to acquire one. Would love to hear what you think of it! (and yes, I cried when I heard about Julie's book too! How beautiful. I knew it would save her from elimination!)

  4. Totally Gret! When I saw Donna well up with tears I thought, "She's gotta be safe now!" Go the mum!

  5. Yes..I was crying. Every since I had kids I cry at the drop of a bloody hat!

  6. I really thought she had blown it last night...she just keeps scraping in...But I think she great and she has a good chance to win it...OMG can you Imagine her if she does...then we will need the Tissues...
    she has a good heart...

  7. Oh I'm a Masterchef sucker too. At the dinner table tonight we were wondering what on earth we would do on Monday night (you know it's really time to move on at that point!).

    Hey, pockets are EASY PEASY. Promise. Which is saying a lot given how scaredy cat I am about zips...

  8. Quince and QuireJuly 19, 2009 at 4:16 AM

    These look great! I am always in need of new ideas. Thanks!

  9. Sono-Ma: Holly White-WolfeJuly 19, 2009 at 7:42 AM

    Dear Mel,

    So wonderful to find (as you said to me) someone half way across the world contemplating the same things! Our family is using the Nourishing Traditions cook book as our main kitchen guide right now. We too are using raw milk and even making our own mayo, creme fraiche, pickles, cream cheese, salad dressings and more! I love the way this book offers a course in nutrition and cultural traditions along with recipes.

    I am now eating butter, salt, and tasty foods made from scratch quite happily. Somehow I also lost 8 pounds in the process! I love this book and my family loves the food it helps me create!

  10. Hi Holly! I enjoyed reading your last post about food and the Nourishing Traditions cookbook. I love it when you find out that something that has previously had a big "no no" around it (like, anything with fat!) is found to actually be way better than having the reduced fat, mega processed stuff!

    Hope I lose some weight in the process too! Bonus!

  11. I really like Wholefood Cooking by Jude Blereau and it's Australian too which is great. (Ie, available seasonal ingredients and all in metric!)


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