Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Sorry. That was a shameless way of getting your attention because I am after as many ideas as I can get.

While I am hand quilting the green tiles quilt I want to make a start on my next quilt (as you do). This next project will be a baby quilt for a little girl who was born a few weeks ago so I need to get cracking.

Right so here is my problem - I really wanted my next quilt to be a log cabin-ish affair because the shape of these quilts just really appeal to me. BUT, I have a tonne of green squares left over that I would love to use (I got really carried away with the cutting stage - whoops!).

So here's what I'm working with 

Initially I just got 25 cm of the pink fabrics at the top to go with the greens (I checked with the mum of said newborn first about colours and she did give pink the ok). Then I thought it just seemed a bit bland and remembered I had the Alexander Henry Spotted Owls which seem a perfect fit to me.

Then I wondered about bringing in a bit of orange seen as how there are touches of it in the owls fabric? Jamie has given me his opinion of this but I am keen to hear yours too. Oh and this photo was deliberately taken with the flash and is probably a more accurate reflection of the colours.  

Now my dilemma is this: how do I do a log cabin-ish quilt and still use those green squares or do I need to ditch the idea of using those squares and find some uncut green fabric or ditch the log cabin idea and do something square-ish again? I am open to all suggestions!

And finally thank you for all the lovely comments about my day yesterday. I realised later that there were a lot of good bits too but I seemed to forget those. Today was slightly better apart from cleaning up the bottle of oyster sauce that Sienna managed to smash at the supermarket. That bit wasn't so fun ;) And I still smell like it.


  1. If you wanted to do a log cabin quilt and use the fabric pictured, would it work to use the green squares as the centers and the other fabrics for the logs?

  2. I like Amandajean's idea!
    Also, you could use the Owl fabric for the middle and just surround it with those green blocks and cut more out of the pinks and oranges.... whatever you do - it will be fab!

  3. I have no idea about log cabin but I just wanted to say that your colors look beautiful.

  4. Ok...why don't you do the quilt top in pink, orange and with owls and use the green squares as part of the backing?? That way..it's reversible. Not original I know but it would make alovely gift!

  5. You could be on to something there Kate ... hadn't thought of that option at all! Do you think it need some green on the front? Will have a fiddle with that - Thanks!

  6. Thanks Leonie! Will probably be one I would love to keep!

  7. Thanks Cristin. I would dearly love to use the owl fabric as some sort of middle square but then those darn green squares are my red herring to the whole log cabin thing (unless I follow Amandajean's idea above ...).Oh so much to ponder!

  8. I reckon I'm with Kate. Love the greens but I was thinking the pinks, oranges, owls and ok - the big checked gingham were looking grand together.

    PS. He might like the notion of a wheat bag but he also wants a skateboard etcetera etcetera...!

  9. Hmmm...you could see what a few of the green tiles on the front would look like...depending on the size of the quilt...maybe 5 - 20?!?
    I think the layout part is one of the best bits of quilting - endless possibilities!
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  10. No technical help here but two cents on fabrics :-) I think the pattern with the black dots is too strong for the other colours.

  11. Ah interesting - that is what Jamie thought too. They are brown dots but yes, very dark brown! I just loved it but I can always use it for the next quilt ;)

  12. Hi Mel... how about owls for the centre, then two rows of strips of different pinks around the square, and the greens for the corners? That way you get a sort of a long cabin affair, the different sied pink sashes will create a pattern and the green squares will form a trail through the quilt. If you have no idea what I'm talking about I don't blame you, let me know if you want it and I will send you a scan of a sketch!!

  13. Hey Sarah - I think I know what you mean ... perhaps I will cut some pieces up and have a play and then post some photos and you can tell me if I'm on the right track. I like the idea of putting all the green on the back too but I will just see if it needs some green on the front. I probably really need to be sticking to patterns at this point - I get too scared of making a mistake!

  14. Have fun Mel, the fabrics are pretty so it will look nice whatever you do :)
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