Sunday, July 5, 2009

sunday stash #3

I need an intervention.

Yesterday I felt so proud of myself when I walked into my local quilting store and walked out without any fabric! It's true I swear. I did buy some new needles for my machine (after reading Amy's suggestion in Bend the Rules Sewing), but again I repeat NO FABRIC.

And then I went to Tessuti for the first time. Just for a look.

Needless to say I did not get out alive. Luckily I was with my sister who was hungry and is  seemingly not afflicted with my addiction so I needed to be relatively quick. Still I managed to come away with these little beauties ... to name a few ...

In the background is some black linen. I don't know what I'm going to do with it but just felt I needed it? In the foreground some Japanese cotton (can't remember the name. I am so bad with that). The Japanese fabric had "skirt" written all over it and lo and behold, what did the lady behind the counter have on? A skirt made with this exact fabric. I almost wet my pants. 

So now I am after a skirt pattern for myself. Slightly A-line and preferably with internal pockets (is that what they are called?). Any suggestions? 

Oh and join the Sunday Stash fun here. Unless of course you are trying to kick the habit ;)


  1. I'm really not one to help with an intervention... unless I am the focus of it too... ah fabric. I laughed when I read the wet my pants bit! How good was it that she was wearing it? Great minds? You could make a sack out of that fabric and I am sure it would look fabulous. :)

  2. hey you should send some of that yummy fabric here, I make you up some pants in a flash. I love tussuti!! I wonder if they could open a store in wangoom with our populatio of about 50!!

  3. this would be a lovely skirt, something a-line would be nice or even a tunic-ishy dress to wear with tights or leggings?

  4. Yes, it does have skirt written all over it. the fabric looks like it would have good movement! Good find. I don't think anyone could have resisted that . . .

  5. Ooh, yes, a good Melbourne skirt that, with funky colour splashes and a decent amount of black. Sorry, no advice though, still terrified of zips, strictly wraparound to date. Promise to grow up soon.

  6. I love the bag from the shop! How cool! The black linen is lovely.

  7. LOL! I am so impressed with your Tessuti finds and I am so with you on the need for an intervention. As you probably have already guessed, I have no pattern suggestions but a really simple A-Line shouldn't be hard to find? It will look fabo!


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