Sunday, July 12, 2009

sunday stash #4

Edited to add: Many MANY thanks for all the encouraging comments about where I am up to with quilt. It is very appreciated!

Hmmm seems my fabric addiction has not improved during the week, no thanks to my first trip to Material Obsession on Wednesday. 

I have been itching to get over there since meeting and spilling my heart out to Kathy and a few of the other MO women in the final minutes of the Sydney Quilt show a month ago. Kathy has since been so kind with follow up emails and offers of help with my quilt whenever I needed it. So using the excuse of looking for some binding I hot-footed it over there. Seriously though, does anybody ever walk in to a fabric store to "look" and come out empty handed? If so, I need your coaching.

Can I just gush for a moment about how absolutely kind and lovely, not to mention knowledgeable the women there were? I mainly spoke with Kathy and she was just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Patient, thoughtful and very good at a spot of mental arithmitic when required! 

Anyway I did manage to get some binding but that is not the feature of my Sunday Stash. These delicious numbers however, are



Very thoughtfully placed right near the counter just like a good impulse purchase should be. How could I walk away? A bit of Kokka goodness and some Australian loveliness by Saffron Craig. I hear owls are on the way out but seriously, this fabric was screaming "buy me!". And I figure it's ok because I have no red or orange in my stash ... that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Join in the sunday stash-o-rama here. 


  1. Fabulous stash you have there! I wouldn't have been able to resist either :) K

  2. What a great stash, I'm not sure I could resist either.

  3. The owl fabric is fantastic so I don't think it matters if they are on the way out. For me birds are always "in".

  4. I've got some of that Kokka fabric headed my way as we speak (mm, type?!) just gorgeous!

  5. oh, that guest was me!

  6. Great stash there Mel. Very envious!

  7. Great choices !!!! Love the owls.

  8. Oh I am in whole hearted agreement Jo! I love birds in any form (except maybe the Alfred Hitchcock movie ... that was freaky)

  9. Thanks Kylie and Leonie - I feel better now (though I think you are now both considered "enablers" of my addiction)!

  10. I love Saffron's fabric designs! Her new line of fabric is so gorgeous too.

  11. Damn, I have red in my stash and I don't need any binding... I do need some more cotton though... wonder if I can get away with it?

    Love all three, but especially the owls. I think it is much cooler to be a fan after the initial craze has worn on something, be it bands, books or owls! :)


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