Sunday, July 19, 2009

sunday stash #5 - (run) DMC

(It's still Sunday somewhere in the world right?)

A new version of stashery for me today 

Mmmmm don't you just wanna eat all those luscious colours up? I know I do! Which is why I couldn't resist them when I saw them at Tapestry Craft on Saturday. I hadn't planned on going there but wouldn't you know it, Jamie left his car in the city on Friday night - a whole other story there - and so a trek into the city was required to pick it up. So you know, I just thought I'd pop in there ... and Lincraft ... and the Tea Centre ...

Anyway back to the thread - I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with this since my only embroidery so far has been my little Owl friend Percy. I am finding the whole hand quilting thing quite meditative so I thought perhaps I might enjoy a spot of embroidery. Also just last week the lovely Tania at Myrtle & Eunice embroidered one of her sons (amazing) drawings onto a t-shirt and Amanda at Soule Mama has done the same onto cushions which I think is a super idea.

So now where to start ... lots of the embroidery patterns in the shops seemed a bit - dare I say - daggy? Perhaps old fashioned is more like it but not in a cool, vintage-y way if you catch my drift? 

What have you tried?

Oh and before  I go here is a new method of storing embroidery thread. I'm always one for an organising 'system' .. not that you'd know it looking at the state of my house ...

All tucked up and cosy in their little beds! 

Well I'm off for a  few days up to my Mum and Dad's place with the kids. I'll be checking in but not posting for a bit. 

Enjoy your week!

(p.s Yay Julie! Go the Mum!)


  1. As someone who spends an inordinate amount of time detangling, I am OVER THE MOON SMITTEN with your uber thready organisation! The embroidered t-shirt went down a treat and additional orders have been flooding in thick and fast. (I. Can't. Keep. Up.).

    (my hearty thanks to you for your very lovely comment on my last post - have now therapised to the nth degree!)

  2. Hey those photos are stunning!! No light box required at your house. Have fun with the fam. x

  3. Love your thread stash...yummo! Have a look on etsy for some patterns, I'm sure you will stumble on some goodies! Have fun at your folks x

  4. Hope you don't think my shop is 'daggy' whatever that means...I'm sure there are patterns out there that you like! If you'd like some 'guidance' don't hesitate to contact me :)

  5. oh goodness no way Nicole! Your patterns are super! In fact I was going to give you a shout out in that post but had an impatient toddler wanting breakfast and a car to pack so I had to cut it short. I just mean the patterns in the mega-fabric stores. They lack personality I guess is a better description!

  6. Hi Mel, I know, tell me about never finding linen anywhere. I bought some linen/cotton from Prints Charming in Sydney ($25/m) but it's also available online for a bit cheaper at Ink & Spindle from memory. I am about to buy some wholesale pure linen with a friend too.

  7. If you're looking for some embroidery ideas, I'd head over to tinyhappy ( She does some very beautiful work using quite basic embroidery stitches which should give you some inspiration.

  8. They look so beautiful like that. Don't make anything for a while just admire them. It would be such a shame to use up a colour and not have the whole rainbow.

  9. Ah good thinking Kate! That sounds like exactly the right thing to do!

  10. check out ("this ain't your gramda's embroidery") They have the funkiest patters and yes, they do ship overseas. In my experience, it usually takes the stuff about a week-10 days to ship to the UK or Germany.


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