Monday, August 17, 2009

inspiration ... please!

I have never really been one to make a decision and then trust in it 100%. I'm the one in the restaurant who gets all disappointed when my food arrives and decides my companions meal looks so much better. I might decide to buy a red handbag and then see someone with a white one and beat myself up for days wondering why I didn't choose a white one. I really REALLY envy people who have a certain 'style' and believe in it and stick to it and KNOW it. Know what I mean?

And so it is friends that I find myself at a creative crossroads. The lovely Kate at One Flew Over pointed me in the direction of a quilting bee ('The Beehive'), organised by the (obviously organised), Sheridan (a.k.a Chaletgirl). I am soooooo super excited about being involved in this that I could just waffle on about for days. I mean how cool is it to think that 12 other women around Australia and abroad will contribute to a quilt that I get to keep not to mention I get the privilege of contributing to these women's quilts? It's cool I tell you. 

BUT the catch is I now have to come up with a rough idea about the sort of thing I want and this is where I come unstuck and this is where you, dear reader, come in! 

Now, I love colour I really do but at the same time I do tend towards more muted colours when it comes to my bedroom ... and myself I guess ;) I'm a real white, beige, grey, black kinda gal. I wish I wasn't but there it is, I am (I think). 

So here is the room in question 

(sorry I have no idea why this photo has arrived in such a small version)

Amy (of the Badskirt variety and one of The Beehive members), very cleverly suggested viewers of this photo might see something that I don't see which could lead to some ideas. Just as a side note though we will probably be moving in about six months or so, so the room will change but the furniture will not. 

There are some really incredible flickr groups for inspiration but in some ways these have made me even more confused! At the moment I am tending towards something in the style of Denyse Schmidt's 'Drunk Love in a Log Cabin' (has there ever been a cooler name for a quilt I ask you?), and last night as I was drifting off to sleep the colour navy blue and the words "Japanese" floated through my brain ... ?

Any and all suggestions welcome! 

p.s I do love my red handbag!


  1. Have you already answered your own question, White, beige (earth organic tone), Grey, Black, with a splash of red sounds brilliant to me. Check out the ink and spindle girls also duckcloth have some gorgeous solids. Good Luck, I bet it turns out super stunning! x

  2. Hmmm...this (your dilema) is something I have often pondered over and to be honest half the battle in a quitling bee is choosing the fabric. If you pick gorgeous, beautiful, yummy, delicious fabric then I think it just makes the others so inspired to create something of true beauty.

    Go with what colours you love and spend then time finding them reflected in fabric. Once you have done this...then you get to agonise over what sort of design you want.

    See, it never ends.

    I always think a couple of glasses of the good stuff aid considerably in this process.

    For me and your room I see reds and linens..

  3. Maybe but I don't trust myself Leonie! Thanks for the heads up on Ink and Spindle and Duck cloth. Will check it out ;)

  4. Ooooh yeah you could be on to something. It just occurred to me that I could perhaps also consult the co-sleeper in the room what he might like? Totally hadn't considered that option at ALL!

    Thanks Kate :)

  5. Yes...I'm tending to agree with concensus once I'd read other posts (even though I thought those too!!!) go the neutrals with splashes of tendencies would be red (I love red!!!!) but I noticed it in your windows and even though you may be mentioned a lovely red handbag?????....wouldn't that look nice hanging on the bedroom door.....????....very coordinated!!!! Linens sound sooooo cosy and regal......I'm loving it already (on your behalf, of course!)
    good luck with the decisions.

    Wendy B

  6. Why don't you have both types? The front of your quilt could take you out of your comfort zone colour wise - try something you never would have thought of and let your quilting bee folks fun with it..... meanwhile you could be working on a more muted quilt back that perhaps picks out just one of the colours you chose for the front, with creams ans other neutrals. That way you would always be able to go mellow if you wanted by turning your quilt over!

  7. i am so glad that you posted this! I'm already thinking of some stuff that might work well, which is exciting since i was worried that i wouldn't be able to think of anything. i can't wait to see the fabrics you pick!

  8. My first thought was to paint the shutters a bright color, or even a muted color - so long as it's not neutral...but, since you're moving...

    Splashes of color, as others mentioned, sound perfect to me. You love your red handbag? Get some red pillow cases or throw pillows - or do a neutral quilt with bits of red worked into it.

  9. By george I think you might be on to something there Jo! Genius! Thanks!

  10. Actually good point Wendy esp, considering that's where the handbag lives when it's not on my shoulder! I do love red in small amounts so that could definitely work - thanks :)

  11. Oh goodie! Thanks Katrina :)

  12. You have so answered your own question - as we're all pointing out! Muted tones + splash of colour. If it's any consolation, my old graphic designer boss, who seriously knows what he is doing in the design world (and everyone else thinks so too) could hardly ever break out of the black/white/red thing without coming over all twitchy!

  13. Er. That up there is me. Tania. Myrtle and Eunice person. Not sure why my name is now Guest, but I think I broke my computer...

  14. Lots of beautiful quilts here but don't ask me, I'm the one who is still deciding paint colours for the front of my house four years later!

  15. Hi Mel, I was just browsing, saw you had a query on another blog, re joining wadding. I buy light iron-on interfacing, cut into 2 inch strips (or so) butt the two edges of wadding together and iron the strip over the top, along the length. Doesn't show, no extra bulk, and quick and easy.

    Read your query re colours, why not go just two colours, black and white, with maybe a hint of red, which can be added at quilting time.


  16. I was thinking orangy red with grey, brown and white or something? (like in the Denyse Schmidt Katie jump rope line of fabric). I'd say just thrown your fabric stash around on your bed and see what works for you. Then you get the added bliss of refolding them all after wards!

  17. of course I meant to say 'throw' not 'thrown', I may be Dutch but I take pride in writing the best english I can!

  18. Aw Mel, don't feel bad! I know what you mean about being a bit overwhelmed by the prospects and challenges of the bee. But you and I have totally different problems! I knew just which fabric I wanted to send out, and just what kind of feel I was going for. However, I'm scared to pieces that I'm going to make absolute hash out of someone's lovely fabric, or send them a block that they hate! We'll all get through it together though!


  19. Hey Mel, one thing you might have overlooked is sitting right there on the bed. How about a splash of a tortoise shell pattern just like that beautiful ball of fluff. (the cat!) It could be a nice textural contrast! Just a thought.......

  20. Oh thanks Glen! you know perhaps I could make YOU a quilt made out of said cat's fluff? I know you love him so much and god knows there's enough of the bloody stuff!

  21. Hi mel, I recon Orange is your colour! it's amazing what it goes with and it really grows on you. I'm almost ready to finish my studio addition competition and you are one of the closest guesses. The total today is $23053 and your guess was $25k - I've not forgotten you even though it's been months!! So will be in touch soon. Good luck with your quilt. cheers elizabeth

  22. stick to the colours that you love. i noticed that you've got lovely, simple stained glass windows - so definitely could incorporate the colours to coordinate and shapes, too, into your quilt idea!

    let us know what you decide okay?


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