Thursday, August 13, 2009

my creative space - in progress ...

ok so last week I took photos of my creative space exactly as it sat - a space, yes - inspiring and organised? Well, no! I know we all share that need to just get in and get started on whatever crafty project is on the go and so an organised space is pretty essential, whether that space is a corner of the dining room table or a part of a room. 

So, step one in my mini-reno is a new home for my beloved and steadily growing fabric stash. I have gone from this

to this! 

Thanks to all the helpful comments last week a quick (?) trip to Ikea on Saturday afternoon was required. What's that you say? A close up  of the fabric bit? Oh ok!

I can't tell you what fun I had on Saturday night rediscovering some of these little beauties, carefully folding them and stacking them into semi-colour co-ordinated stacks. Had someone suggested to me ten years ago that this would constitute a fun Saturday night for me I would have died laughing and then ordered another cocktail! 

Anyway the fabric is currently only occupying the top two shelves but I am realistic about the need to soon move to the other cubicles if needed! At the moment the two baskets at the bottom are holding small scrappy bits of fabric, interfacing and all that jazz. Oh and three massive coffee sacks but more on that another time. The basket that once contained the fabric now contains clothes that will hopefully be repurposed at some point. 

So, slightly more organised in this little corner with more to come! Stay tuned :)

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  1. great job! I did a little *ahem* re-organising myself this week. Seems a few creative people have done too. Must be getting to that time of year!

  2. What a wonderful job you have done...and there is nothing like stroking fabric with one hand and a cocktail in another...VERY satisfying indeed :)

  3. Oh how fabulous!! Is there anything more beautiful than a shelf full of fabric?! Well done. It's so exciting re-discovering fabrics, isn't it? :) K

  4. Ah now THAT would have been the ultimate Saturday night indeed! Why didn't I think of that? I did have some chocolate though ...

  5. Isn't it funny how one day its coctails one day its loving Ikea shelving!
    I am very much in the same boat- I did the Ikea thing this afternoon too!
    We will see how long it takes me to get to your loveliness!

  6. http://woollywotnots.wordpress.comAugust 13, 2009 at 4:35 PM

    Oh how inspiring. Have fun in your organised creative space.

  7. Congratulations.....It looks fantastic!!

  8. Wonderful! I so love stacks of co-ordinating fabric. It must have been very satisfying.

  9. How boring and old are we?? Fabric stacking is the new clubbing it would seem.
    Don't worry, you are in good (and abundant) company.
    Love the new shelves.
    Andi :-)

  10. What a great re-vamp. Thanks for visiting my blog as well - I love your 'about me' - so similar (but well written) to my initial feelings and ideas! I know exactly what you mean. Every day in May was my mindful and creative intro to blogging and I still carry that essence - sometimes just writing it down makes you so much more aware of the gems of beauty that might have just slid by without being noticed! Glad to have found your blog!

  11. This space looks beautiful - love the white shelving. Hopefully we are getting a slightly bigger space soon and I'd love to be able to expand my creative area... I can't believe you've got a beautiful moda 'roll' I've been ogling one in our local craft shop!

  12. This looks great, Mel! So tidy and organized. I also love the banner with Sienna's rainbow hand!

  13. what would we do without ikea? everything is so wonderfully organized. i don't sew ( i'm told it skips a generation in my family :p ) but i LOVE to have the brightly colored scraps of fabric laying around. i have severe envy over some of yours!

  14. Oh very nice Miss Mel. I have neat envy but that's becoming the story of my life. I refreshed my storage space on the weekend. But please don't visit my blog. It's an embarrassment compared to yours!

  15. Go back! Get another Ikea number to match! (come on, it's not like the stash is going to get smaller or anything...)


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