Monday, August 24, 2009

stitches and craft *or* heaven on a stick

Well, as if I didn't already know that there was some seriously cool craftsters south of the border, I had my face delightfully rubbed in it when I entered level four of the Stitches and Craft Show on Saturday. 

Amitie, Ink and Spindle (seriously lovely ladies in some pretty funky strides!), Dear Fii, Pippijoe, Audrey & Maude, Mixtape ... and I could go on and on. 

Instead I'll just show you the loot ...

Keeping it local with a bit of Saffron Craig, Ink and Spindle, Pippijoe, and yes ok, some really local Prints Charming and Kirsten Doran (there are some goodies left in NSW!). 

Not so local Liberty via Amitie. My first lot and no I can't stop stroking it. Will I ever cut it? No, probably not.

And finally I got my you-know-what into gear and signed up for a Mixtape subscription and devoured these on Saturday night. 

Now, I keep getting told (by my local quilting shop mind you), that buying fabric is cheaper than therapy, but in my case the reverse is beginning to be true. And so I am putting myself on a "buy no fabric" month for September (you notice I am not starting it straight away right?). 

Anyone care/need to join me?


  1. Afraid after wafting all that lovely loot in front of me I can't commit to your September quest. Particularly since Amitie and that Liberty is a seven minute drive away! AARGH!

  2. I am with Tania...I would really LIKE to try but I know I just can't do it! Although...maybe, for the sake of my marriage {;)} and finances I should try harder.

    You scored some great fabric.

  3. Oh well you two are no bloody help are you (but secretly I'm grinning ;) People living near Amitie are completely exempt. There would be no point even trying based on the tiny bit i saw of their stall :)

  4. Phew!! I'm near AMitie too so I'm exempt.
    Lucky because a whole month of no fabric shopping is simply impossible for me!!
    Andi :-)

  5. mmmmmmmmmmmmm nope, cannot commit to no stash September, coz I need the therapy, hahahahahaha Happy stitching

  6. I have heard on the grape that the ink and spindle girls were looking mighty fine in my pants. Phew!!!!!!! Love your stash!!! I think next year I might catch the melb show, that is if the money tree flourishes!!

  7. I'm about 7 minutes drive from Amitie, too, and I'm expecting my tax return in the next week or so, so September will be a BIG fabric buying month for me....Sorry!! I could commit to October, though :)

  8. I will join your challenge! It's been too hot here in the States to sew much lately, so I've been stashing like a mad thing all summer. Now as the weather cools down a bit, I'm hoping to put some of it to good use and use it! Let's just hope I don't hit a crisis and need some therapy during the month!

  9. Love your New Purchases...still Thinking about your Challenge.

  10. We must have passed each other at some point! Shame! Wasn't level 4 excellent? Looks like you got some amazing fabrics (and you still have another 6 days to stash before the deadline...). Did you see the "craft tip" that was pegged up at the show saying "if your husband doesn't see it enter the house it doesnt exist." ?? I liked it.

  11. Oh probably! I didn't see that tip but yes it's a goodie. Now I just have to figure out how to make them disappear from the credit card statement ...

  12. You've still got a few days to buy before the ban. It sounds like you had a wonderful time at the show.

  13. Hmm, I did have a similar idea but no I can't go on fabric diet just yet, perhaps for October???


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