Wednesday, August 12, 2009


so I've had this gig for awhile now teaching at a local community college in the evenings. The subject: guiding children's behaviour. I guess the organisisers think I am semi-qualified to talk about this considering my previous life as an early childhood teacher. Luckily they are not often in my home around 4:30 - 6:30pm or I may not have the gig at all ;)

Anyhoo one cannot go off to teach one's course without the necessities:

My 'bibles'

And my cute new tote bag made by me! 

Cheapo denim from Spotlight and cheaper still contrasting fabric from Ikea purchased awhile back (but I was there again on Saturday and ended up with another bundle of goodness. Their fabric rocks! More on Ikea-ness tomorrow ...). 

Oh and the pattern is from the gorgeous Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing. I could wax on all day about my love for this book. The styling and the projects are just so delightful. I drool over it like a good cook book! 

Anyway it stood up to the test of carrying all my notes and three substantially heavy books so I was happy. Once again I did secretly hope one of the participants would be so taken with it that they may ask where I bought it from allowing me to once again declare it was, "MADE BY ME!". But alas, once again this hope was dashed ;) Seems I may have some serious delusions about how good my handmade stuff actually looks!

p.s Thanks for all the helpful comments on how to rectify my little sewing space. Even the inclusion of some inspiring photos in with the comments! Too cool. I shall have more on this front tomorrow ...


  1. Nice choice of books, one of my "bibles" is Raising Your Spirited Child - A Guide for Parents Whose Child Is More Intense, Sensitive, Perceptive, Persistent, Energeticby by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka's (I found it's thoughts and concepts flow nicely into the classroom as well.)

    Nice tote bag! I don't think I've ever actually seen material in Ikea (I live hours from one, but often pour over the pages in their online catalogues!) ..

  2. Maybe you can give me the steer on how to discipline a VERY switched on, independent 3 year old??

    Love the new bag and it is only a matter of time before someone asks...the alllll importante question!!

  3. Oh, so you have witching hours at your house to. I thought that only happened here! lol x

  4. I wait and wait for someone to admire and enquire about something I've made and then I get all embarrased when they make a fuss. I'm sure they're all wondering where it's from.

  5. Oh I love your bag where did you get it from? Oh I know, I cheated and it's not the same but I was trying. I would have said if I'd seen you with it.

    I forgot you are an early childhood teacher. Must work out a way to have a chat about that one day soon. My husband is extraordinary brilliant with children. He was in childcare looking after my now 10yo when I met him and he has expressed an interest in becoming a kindergarten teacher.

  6. Love the bag you made, it looks fabulous despite the "cheap" fabrics! Beautifully made.

    Witching hour never goes away! It just seems to stretch out longer and longer. Chasing my teens off to be way after 10pm some nights!


  7. Wow that one sounds great! The title says it all really!

  8. yes, these girls seem VERY switched on don't they! Well. all those books there have been pretty life changing for me I must say.

  9. Ha Kate! That os probably exactly what I would do too! Still, can't wait till it happens :)

  10. Tee hee hee! Thanks Melanie :) Great place to meet your husband. My good friend met her partner through working at a child care centre and looking after her now partners kids. What does you hubs do now? He should definitely do the BEd - there is a massive lack of good male teachers in infants school that's for sure.

  11. Oh no! Don't tell me that Rita! I was hoping they just toddled off to bed on their own come ten or so? Wishful thinking ;)

  12. I will have to take a look - need ALLL the help I can get x
    Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 02:16:24 -0700
    Subject: Reply to your comment...

  13. Should our paths cross somewhere in the future, I PROMISE I will compliment you on at least three somethings you are wearing/carrying or waving in front of my face.

  14. I'm a tad needy aren't I?! Not an ounce of intrinsic motivation within me what-so-ever!

  15. Not a chance. It's just unfortunate that every person on the street isn't
    able to know crafted brilliance when they see it!

  16. That's such a sweet little tote! Very practical looking. I'm all excited about a trip to Ikea tomorrow - I just got my catalogue this afternoon (after already organising the trip) and my first stop will be the fabric!


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