Friday, September 11, 2009

the man in the white van

As I was saying, i just love it when a white van rolls up. I get supremely excited when the man driving the white van gets out and comes to my door (and a bit sad when he doesn't), even if I am still in my pyjamas. Which I was during almost all of these deliveries. 

So the week started on Sunday evening when my neighbour handed me the mail she had been collecting for us while we were away only to find the first of many parcels from my friends at The Beehive! Just look at what I have so far!

Unfortunately blogger has decided to shave all my photos at the sides (and if anyone knows how to make the margins smaller please let me know!) Anyway, the makings of a darn fine quilt if I do say so myself! And such an awesome treat to come home to all those parcels.

Monday morning rolled around and just when I was feeling a bit down about the holiday being over there was a knock at the door. 

Look what arrived

And signed too! 

And can I just say what a superb second offering this is from Amanda. My only beef would be that it is so good I have had to stop reading it at night before going to bed. I just get too excited about all the projects I want to try and lay awake picturing them. (I was just saying today to a friend that I lose more sleep these days thinking about craft projects I want to complete than I did when I worked full time and had the worry of managing twenty five people!).

And last but certainly not least the week was rounded off with this little beauty

Lovely Leonie had a giveaway recently and I won! 

But not only did she send me the most gorgeous wool she made me a pin cushion to boot! It is made from the most divine Ink and Spindle print and is flawlessly made ... like flawless. 

Sienna declared it, "beautiful", before taking off with it down the hallway. I found her transferring my pins into this gorgeous new pin cushion. Hmmm perhaps it's time to replace my el cheapo flouro Spotlight pins now that I have such a pretty thing to stick them in :)


  1. So nice to see your beehive blocks starting to look like a quilt.
    Andi :-)

  2. The blocks look so great together! It will be a great looking quilt!

  3. Oh wow Mel! How gorgeous the quilt pieces are and Leonie's giveaway. That wool is awesome!

    Oh and I know how to make the margins work on your blogger photos. I'll blog it if you like. It's too hard to explain in this space.

  4. Yippee! I am so glad you received my treasures!!! And the Quilt......How fantastic does that look!!!!! You must be so excited!! What a great week for you!! xx

  5. Just letting you know I've posted a how to for your photos. Hope it works for you

  6. you little ripper Mel - off to check it out now!

  7. I suspect the man in the white van who delivers in our street knows how much he can make my day - so he always presents the post with a flourish!

  8. Oh god love 'im! That's what I like to hear :)

  9. Oh, I'm envying you the book... and that pincushion looks good enough to eat. Om nom nom.

  10. Lovely to meet you today. I'll be wactching to see what you end up doing with those gorgeous blocks.


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