Saturday, October 17, 2009

birth day

crown from Sarah (Quince and Quire)

Well, this time two years ago I was trying to have a nap thinking - hoping - I could finally be in labour. Having just done the grocery shopping, some little niggles had started as I stepped foot back inside the house. Being already ten days overdue I didn't want to chance this labour slowing down or stopping and so I decided instead to get up and have a shower. 

Mum had arrived that morning (which I think is why I finally went into labour), and had promised to make a lamb roast for dinner that night. By about five o'clock in the afternoon after a few fairly convincing contractions I was pretty sure I wouldn't be around for said lamb roast and given mum's ability to get completely side tracked I figured if I was going to eat anything I was going to need to cook it myself. I still can't believe both the Mr and my mum walked past me rocking on all fours in the kitchen and neither of them thought to take over the dinner preparations!

By about 7pm I had decided the contractions seemed close enough together to make a move to the hospital, but having laboured for eighteen hours with Sienna - eight of which in hospital - I was hoping we weren't rushing things. Well, by the time we got to the birth centre I was in such intense labour and I remember feeling cross with myself, thinking, "You've done this before it shouldn't be this hard this soon." After a useless - in terms of managing pain - half an hour under the shower I must have asked for the bath to be run. 

At this stage I was told that a midwife from the labour ward would be coming by to help out as the birth centre were short staffed. I still remember feeling so put off by her uniform and trying not to look at her too much as I stepped into what felt like a too cold bath (it wasn't - I was just hot from the shower), ready to take my position in front of my soothing green tiles. But this time I just couldn't seem to focus on them and again, felt disappointed in myself for letting the labour get away from me at what I still thought was such an early stage. Then suddenly I felt that urge to push and started to panic thinking again, "It's too soon!" all the while trying desperately to focus on those green tiles and not on the uniformed midwife beside me*. But no one seemed to insist I stop or slow down, and after what seemed like only half a dozen fast and furious contractions there he was - wide-eyed but completely silent and still.

Happy Birthday my enormous, gorgeous, calm, cuddly, beautiful boy!  

Luca 4.3kgs, 54cms

(Many thanks to Tania whose beautiful birth day posts about her own children inspired me to write my own and to Sarah whose beautiful hand made crown Luca is wearing in the top photo.)

* I should note here that the midwife was absolutely superb and got me focused when I needed to be. It's just funny how some things seem so powerful during that heightened state of awareness that is labour.


  1. What an amazing story Mel, thanks for sharing and HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCA!!!

  2. Oh you beautiful woman, much love to you as you remember fondly the birth of your beautiful boy. May you be blessed to travel this path again my darling friend. xx

  3. Mel I knew you'd love that story! Actually I should have mentioned that your lovely birth posts prompted me to do one too! x

  4. Oh, what a lovely story. Thanks so much for sharing with us Mel. Luca will love to read that in years to come I am sure. He is very handsome! x

  5. Happy Birthday gorgeous boy!

    Happy birthday, or anniversary day of birthing, to you too. I hope you gave yourself a pat on the back for all your effort too. :)

  6. HEY! What a way to enter the world! You obviously didn't need green tiles this time around lovely lady. You're well practised in the art of bringing a wee one gently and beautifully into the world.

    Now I have this theory going, that kid birthdays are as much for the Mums as they are for the anklebiters. They always hit me between the eyes with 'remember whens'. I reckon this is only a good thing. A day for reflection and celebration - and from Luca's perspective a grand crown and PRESSIES!

    Happy birthday to you both.

  7. I feel very lucky to have been able to read your story Mel. I love rading about your emotions and the memories it brought back from me. It is amazing that we all "give birth" - essentially the same thing - but it is such a different and unique experience for each of us. I hope your boy had a great birthday.

  8. Happy birthday to your sweet boy! You are an inspiring mother.

  9. What a beautiful birth story! I can't believe your husband and mum just walked past you on all fours! Outrageous!! I remember the second birth being so much quicker than the first. I remember feeling that urge to push but thinking jeepers, too soon, too soon! I sent Matt off to find a midwife, 15 minutes later, SWOOOSH! My wee babe swam out. LOVE a beautiful birth story.

  10. Birth Stories make me swoon! I have just written mine on my blog and am so happy you shared your beautiful story too! Love the blog - looking forward to reading thru. Have a happy day! Amy


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