Thursday, October 22, 2009

my creative space - hits and misses and the wash up

Um, you know that feeling just prior to a small person's birthday when you feel you just have to make something for them? Forget that twenty-odd people will be turning up on your doorstep in twelve hours and you still need to make a birthday cake shaped like a rocket ship (damn you Women's Weekly Kids' Party Cakes and your impossible standards!). But these days a birthday just isn't a birthday without a bit of crafty stress thrown in there somewhere.

So friends I present to you the hits and misses of the recent birthday crafting ...


birthday bunting

A bit of birthday bunting. Upon reflection and with  bit more time I would have gone the extra mile and encased the tops of the flags into some bias binding but hey, the birthday boy didn't seem to mind!



A felt birthday crown that ended up looking more like Wonder Woman's tiara thingy. Not that there is anything wrong with Wonder Woman. She's awesome, but the birthday fella isn't exactly in his satin tights fighting for your rights ... yet. Also as a time saver (and because Amanda said it was ok), I used craft glue to stick on the star and that just wasn't pretty. Lesson learned and that's always a good thing right? Right!

All in all the party was a hit. The cake did look like a rocket of sorts, the bunting created a birthday-ish feel and the crown stayed firmly in the sewing room never to see the light of day. 

And the wash up part?

the wash up

... was made that much more enjoyable with a beautiful hand knitted cloth sent to me, "just 'cos" from the lovely Nikki ... and some bubbles. 

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  1. Mel - you crack me up! I could do with a wonderwoman crown!

  2. It looks like it was such a great day. What a fantastic mum your kids have! I think the creation of the wonder woman crown was in fact your inner wonderwoman crying out to be noticed! Put it on baby, you deserve it.

  3. thank you so much the link to the cake book, I have been looking for it for AGES! Hey that party sounds like a total BLAST!!

  4. Leah Http://minimonty.typepad.comOctober 22, 2009 at 4:43 PM

    Bunting looks great and as for the crown, you can always make it into something else. More bubbly is always good.

  5. Pam @ Pippi createsOctober 22, 2009 at 5:51 PM

    What a lovely Mum you are making all that stuff for your children! But of can't birthday cakes be a challenge. Just this morning I heard the story of the pinada cake from that same birthday cake book, that took four goes of the chocolate case to get it to work. Then there is the cake I made for a friend's child; she requested a pink and purple giraffe. Somehow I thought that an upright giraffe (rather than flat) would work. Well the long thick pink neck with the round pink head on top, covered with purple spots, looked a like a diseased... well you get the picture. I still shudder at the thought of that one. Sounds like your party went off well!

  6. I love the bunting ... and wonder woman's tiara too!!

  7. Bunting looks lovely... and I bet everything else looked lovely too after the champagne! And isn't cleaning up with a knitted dishcloth so much better? How sweet of Nikki to send you something - she is one of those rare, truly lovely souls.

  8. Well done! I really love the bunting, and you can't beat bubbles!

  9. Hope the party was lots of fun Mel and that the rocket cake made it to the party on time. The bunting looks great and I am sure will be a fixture at many more annual birthday celebrations. As for the crown/tiara, surely you must know a little girl who would be happy to have a crown in her dress up box, even with a star stuck on with craft glue!

    And I'm not convinced it was the dishcloth that made the clean up mopre enjoyable... that glass looks only half full!!

  10. Sono-Ma: Holly White-WolfeOctober 25, 2009 at 1:09 AM

    Dear Mel,

    We are so on the same page! I made my boy a Happy Birthday banner from felt and fabric (inspired by Amanda Soule), which I also almost didn't finish in time! I also tried to make a birthday crown for a little's one party, but this two year old recipient promptly reminded me that wee ones often don't like hats. He quickly deposited the crown on the ground under the table! Here's to homespun gifts and celebrations - there are worth the sweat and tears!


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