Thursday, October 29, 2009

my creative space ... is leaving on a jet plane*

plane taking off
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Well I did intend on writing a post last night about how incredibly hard it is to do a long stretch of solo parenting, and how much I totally take my hat off to people who do it full time, BUT I was so damn tired last night because of the solo parenting that I just couldn't put anything in to words. 

So instead here I find myself only blogging when there is another meme to join in on.

BUT I do have a pressing question which you, the crafty community via Kirsty's place, might have an answer to ...

What on earth kind of craft can you do on a plane these days?

Knitting? Probably not. Those knitting needles have quite pointy tips.  Hand quilting or embroidery? A no-brainer for the "NO" category really considering how sharp those needles are (and whilst comforting, probably not really practical to cart a massive quilt around). 

And so I wondered about crochet? Does that little bent end turn it from being a scary weapon with which one would be capable of hijacking a plane (?) into a harmless crafty tool with which one can wile away the hours on a long haul flight? 

Yes folks, I believe I am ready to branch out to the world of crochet having been completely inspired by the likes of Melanie, Tania, Tam, Kate and .... I could go on and on. So I splashed out and bought a hook at the recent Spotlight sale and figured - if it's ok with Qantas - I might just indulge in a spot of crochet whilst being held captive in an economy seat for over 20 hours**.  

I'd be very interested (like, very interested) to hear any stories or suggestions you may have for in flight craftiness! 

Hey we could create a new mile high club for crafters - or not ;)

Fly on over to Kirsty's place for some more creative spaces ... that are more than likely on land.

* at the end of the week and a half of solo parenting I will be joining the Mr, *gulp* sans children,  in Germany and then the UK ... actually probably just London.

** admittedly, the idea of sitting on my backside with nothing else to do but read, watch movies, nap and (hopefully), craft for over 20 hours is the part of the trip I am looking forward to the most.


  1. You MIGHT be able to hook on the plane if you take a plastic or bamboo hook. I got might taken away but others have had some luck.

    Have a wonderful trip.

  2. That is a good question..I guess it wouldn't hurt to try a hook...Good luck with the crochet and don't be afraid to ask any of us crochet freaks for help should you need any :)

  3. I've always chickened out at the last minute and checked my hooks. I wear a chop stick (pointy) in my hair that has never been picked up but I'm dying to hear from anyone who has taken their hook on board. Have a wonderful trip and take a book and a spare hook just incase.

  4. Finger knitting! Totally! (Not that I remember how to do it...)

  5. Ok...first of all head over to Sarah's blog...'the last piece'. I remember her writing a post (not too long ago) about her hand quilting on a plane and going through the details etc.

    If I were you..I would pick up the Sookie Stackhouse novels (True Blood) or Twilight and spend those 24 hours reading.. Come owe me that ;)

    I expect a FULL review upon your return.

    Ps: Have fun
    PSS: say hello to the ol' hood for me!

  6. Yep I'm with Kirsty and Kate. I'd wear your hair up and put two plastic hooks in your pony tail like chopsticks and see if anyone notices. As long as they are not metal I can't imagine that there is any issue. They'd do as much damage as a plastic knife!

  7. Love all the ideas, have a great time xo

  8. I'm sorry that I don't have any wonderful craft travel tips, I would just bury my nose in a book (what a blissful thought). Hope you have a safe and relaxing journey.

  9. I have heard two reports of a bamboo crochet hook allowed on board. How could they say no? All those maniacally crocheting crafters staying out of their hair and only occasionally politely requesting a nice cup of tea and a bikkie to dunk to go with their growing granny blanket?

    Hey lovely - have a WONDERFUL time. Don't bother with the jetlag and remember to bring the yarn over before a treble crochet.

  10. I have not had any luck crafting on plane since all the terrorism palaver, but the bamboo hooks in the hair sounds promising.. or origami!!! Have a wonderful time, and relax!

  11. As a solo parent who has taken 14 international flights this year with my two year old boy, I'm here to tell you there is only 1 possible craft you can employ on a plane- its called photography, it can be digital, poloroid, SLR... it matters not, what matters is that the children can use this device to entertain themselves whilst you totally relax, sit back and watch all the free inflight movies. Trust me, I'm an expert.

  12. You can bring knitting needles, sewing needles and non-pointed-tipped scissors with you on planes now. At least in Canada, you can. I've not yet been brave enough to test the scissor rule, since I don't want my nice sewing scissors taken away, but I've been let on international flights with a wide array of knitting paraphanelia quite recently.

  13. I just borrowed a learn to crochet book from the library! I'll be interested to see what you make :-)
    Have a fantastic kid free time, I hope its lots of fun!!

  14. Hey if I don't catch up with your before you go...have a wonderful time!!!

  15. Oh Mel, have a fannnnntastic time away with your Mr. What a great thing opportunity to spend time together without the kids.

    And good luck with your inflight crafting dilemma... I hope I don't hear about you on the news, arrested for trying to smuggle crochet hooks in your hair!!

  16. Oh very good question, I've been pondering this too as in a few weeks will be making that horrendous 23 hour flight from Aus back to the UK. I know definitely NOT with the knitting needles but not sure about anything else.
    It is a pain, best thing to do is just ask at check in. Have a great time in London.

  17. Last year, I phoned the airline the night before my flight to see if a tennis racquet could be taken on board. They said it was OK but the security people refused to allow it. Seems they're the ones who have the final say.


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