Thursday, October 8, 2009

my creative space - more birthday presents!

I've been slightly disappointed by my lack of blogging ability lately. But then when I realise how many birthday's have been and gone and how many items I have checked off my, "to make" list, my bloggy silence becomes clearer!

Anyway here are just a few more bits of handmade gifty goodness that have been given or are set to be in the near future. Oh and a massive "thanks" to Nikki for pointing me in the direction of Buy Handmade after my recent worry. I took the pledge! There's no turning back!

So here is a cushion I have made for my niece who will turn three soon. I was very much inspired by a cushion made by Lexi for her son (except hers is INSANELY good!), and it was a perfect opportunity to use a moda jelly roll I bought in a rush of blood. Phew, no need to feel guilty for that little purchase anymore*.

Madeline's cushion

Madeline's cushion

and the back view ... 

back view

Still wondering if that closure part might need a few buttons but when I think of button holes I start to sweat. I tried to do a fairly large cross over so that bulging should be limited. Hate the bulge!

Ok. Got time for one more? Excellent.

So recently the two knitters in my life, (mum and the Bestie), felt the need for a knitting bag that would happily house their projects but could also do the job of carting said projects to and from each others houses (they have been doing a bit of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" type work. Mum introduced the Bestie to the knitting world, now the Bestie shows Mum all the stuff she has gleaned from you tube).

I came up with this number following an excellent free tutorial from The Purl Bee which I found via Gret and her excellent "free stuff I love" posts. 

knitting bag for mum

This is Mum's version - she loves green - and wouldn't you know it, I forgot to get a shot of the Bestie's version.** The linen is from Ikea. 

It's not as stiff as I would have liked but once stuffed with a few knitting projects it does seem to stand itself up.

So there we have it. A few more projects ticked off the list and hopefully a few more happy birthday girls. Now pop on over to Kirsty's for more creative spaces while I go back to the birthday list to see who's next!

* That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
** Basically the same except for a 1930's repro print in red for the straps. 


  1. Such gorgeous gifts!!!

  2. Man, you have been busy! The cushion is stunning and much better than you could get in the shops and the bag...what a lucky mum and bestie!

  3. I love the cushion! It is just perfect :) K

  4. Oh Mel you are so great. I love love love the cushion and the bag. You are an inspiration. I need to pull out the machine and do more sewing but I seemed to be 'hooked' at the moment. I'll just keep admiring all your handy work until I can't take it any more.

  5. You've done a great job with the cushion & the bag. Just fabulous.

  6. Hey, I like that - use it and that cancels out the guilt! I reckon that fairly immediately translates to 'maybe one day I'll use it, so no use wasting energy on any guilt'. Right?

    Great pressies.

  7. That's absolutely the way I work too. Using fabric = guilt dissolved. Both gifts look fabulous. Lovely work!

  8. There is something so wonderful about a handmade gift, especially when they are such lovely things.

  9. The cushion is beautiful - the patchwork is fab and that letter print is gorgeous. And how clever are you to make not one but two bags. The print on the linen works very well.

  10. They look fab Mel - especially love the bag. Beautiful! You are churning out projects like there is no tomorrow! Where do you find the time?

  11. lovely gifts. i am so in love with that m.millar dick and jane series, i can't bear to cut it. love the craft bag too

  12. I love your cush girl! It's super duper sooooper! And the knitting bag is fab. Looks like an ace size.


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