Sunday, October 25, 2009

sunday stash #7 - but it didn't stay stashed for long

Yay! Tam is back and so is Sunday Stash. I know, I know I could have kept up with the stash posts (and I certainly appreciated those who did!), but I'm a bit of a rules girl and it felt a bit like having a party while your Mum and Dad were out doing it without Tam. 

So double excitement folks: these two little beauties were peeking up through the irky perky stuff in the ONE DOLLAR basket at my local quilting shop! Score! 

unknown $1 fabric

unknown $1 fabric

I didn't realise until I got home that it belongs to the same line but whose? Any ideas? Apparently they were samples from a rep so alas, the pieces were not as big as I would have liked.

Of course once a certain someone spotted it she declared she just really needed a bag. And since I am struggling with a quilt at the moment I jumped at the chance to whip something up that had me looking at some different fabric for a change. 

Sienna's tote

Some handles made from a bit of Snippets by American Jane for Moda and we had ourselves a bag. 

So here's one bit of stash that I guess can't technically be called stash at all really ... 

So for real stash on a Sunday pop on over to Tam's place. 

Have just found out that the fabric is Alexander Henry (of course it is - 'cause I loved it immediately). Found some in a different colour way here.


  1. Nah, still counts stash-wise - at least in my book. It's just that it also counts as a quick fix craft hit. We like those too!

  2. Ha ha! Can see why they didn't stay a stash for long - fab!

  3. Oh, I love the bag. I am a fan of Alexander Henry, too. Very nice!

  4. Someday I'll get around to making some lounge pants with this two prints. It's been sitting forever.


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