Thursday, November 26, 2009

my creative space ... is having a giveaway!

Frankfurt airport

Oh I know I know it's shameless to use Kirsty's meme to get yet another post in about this but this time I have actual photographic proof that loot will be given away!

Now, if you didn't see my last post (and you can't be bothered clicking on that link or this one or this one *) then you may have missed that this little giveaway of mine is centred around finding a name for the adventures of me and my crochet hook (or is that my crochet hook and I?), on our recent travels. Such was my sheer astonishment that the hook made it through all the airport security checks that I decided I better chronicle our adventures together.

So here's the deal: If you can think of a name that might sum up the travels of a girl and her crochet hook through Germany and the UK, then let me have it and you may well end up with all this stuff that I picked up on my travels!

the giveaway haul!
(more details of what it all is here )

There's more actually but it's still in transit from Germany**. I was also planning on adding the actual crocheted item (a somewhat lumpy face cloth) but that will depend if it's finished in time!

You can enter via my original post (and a massive thanks to all those who have entered so far. I actually snorted tea out my nose at the airport when I read them), or in the comments for this post and I will choose a winner next Wednesday 2 December and publish my "official" crochet hook adventure post with the winning title the following day.

Now, for some real creative spaces where people are actually making stuff pop in on Kirsty's place ;)

* all those links go to the same 'ol page
** Too much stuff, bag too small. You know how it is.


  1. Ooohh what a giveaway to win!

    "The Little Hook's European Vacation"

  2. What about ... 'Secret travels of a hooker'?
    Not appropriate? Maybe not.
    How about 'The secret European Crochet Society'
    Andi :-)

  3. Oooh fun. Vicarious travel through a crochet hook! I'll have to put on the thinking music before I put an answer in though...

  4. Hmmm not sure..I guess maybe I am too much in the cooking mindset at the moment. Will have to think about this! Enjoy your Hook about Germany :)

  5. I'm going for Wolle und Worst, which is Wool and Sausages in German :)

  6. Cath Kidston and Liberty? Yay.

    Hook line and sinker, hooked on a feeling, by hook or by crook, a right hook, off the hook...

    Looking forward to hearing more about your travels :-)

  7. A Girl & Her Hook.
    Hooking Around Europe.
    The Euro Hooker.

    I'll try and think of some more!! Can't wait to hear of your travels.

  8. The German Hooker.

    PS - my word verification was topless. Quite apt methinks.

  9. Great challenge... I like all the suggestions on offer... what about -
    Read all about it - hook,line and sneaker!

  10. Hmmm, thinking, thinking .......

    Europe was off the hook - yarning away the days

    If you want to sound a bit gangster!


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