Thursday, November 12, 2009

my creative space ... needs a name ... and that's where you come in!

Ok I am just popping my head up briefly from my digs in sunny (not) but beautiful Stuttgart to let you all know that the crochet hook I mentioned I might try to bring with me here made it through all the relevant checkpoints and is by my side as I type!

I am not going to go into any more details now because I am planning to do a bit of a trip synopsis of the 'ol crochet hook upon my return ... and that's where you come in!

I'm after a name or title for the adventures of my hook and I as we make our way through Germany and the UK. And seen as how I am up to about post 99 I'm also thinking a giveaway could be in order upon my return. Not sure what that might involve at this moment but it's bound to contain lots of little goodies from my trip.

So if you can conjure up a name/title which you think might describe the adventures of this girl and her crochet hook before you actually get to see the adventures (it's tricky but you guys are crafty, I know) then hit me with your best shot and you'll be in with a chance at winning ... something.

Trip on over to Kirsty's for some no doubt warmer and less hotel orientated creative spaces.

Edited to add: Sorry, I should have added that there is NO RUSH! I won't be writing of our adventures until my return (in a week or so).


  1. Crikey woman! It's 10.55pm Melbourne time. There is no more available brain space for today. I'll get back to you with something lateral.

  2. Hooking round Europe.

    OK, I made myself laugh! And you might get some interesting visitors with this title!

    Hope you're having a great time.

  3. How about....'the treble I'm in'! Have fun.

  4. Nikki!!! That is classic!

    Ok...hmmmm a name. Ahhh...stumped. Will get back to you x

  5. "The Hitchhooker's Guide to Europe"

  6. Nikki came close to my idea.. or I came close to hers.!!! I was thinking Hooking around you'd probably get fishermen or professional guises!!!!! Perhaps "Hooking it around Europe"???
    Hope youre having fun!

  7. Vildkatten - that is briliant! The best I can come up with is Euro Hooking (but again that might attract the wrong sort of visitor!)

  8. Oh, I've got another one. Again, sure to attract the wrong sort of crowd but could be fun...

    A girl, her husband, a hook and what happened!

  9. How about 'by hook or by crook' no matter what there will be good stuff.

  10. "Hookers Hands and Weeks Walks"

    lol xx

  11. Or it could be "as" weeks walks!! Still laughing!!

  12. How about "Europe..... I got Hooked!" ?

  13. The Hook is mightier than the plane?
    Hooked on Travelling?
    Having a yarn the plane?
    If my hook and I should part, I will meet it in Stuttgart?
    Double, double, hook and travel....

  14. Well, too many hooker jokes already... how about 'Around the world in 80 chain'?

    I do like the Hitchhooker's guide... tee hee.

  15. Oooo, ooo, I thought of another one.....!!!!.... "Hookin' holiday" !!! (please don't do this one with an Irish accent or with attitude...might be taken the wrooooong way!!!)

  16. Or maybe....Hook 'n Holiday?????
    (I'm a bit slow!!!)

  17. my suggestion:
    coming around with a hook in my hand
    you take care,


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