Tuesday, November 3, 2009


... is how I would describe day seven of solo parenting. Oh and I think there was some thingo down in Melbourne today involving a horse named Shocking as well.

Not that I'm a betting person but if Luca's tips were anything to go by he seemed to think the race would be won by the only female jockey (sporting slightly large boots), with an elderly woman riding a cow coming a close second.

Melbourne cup

Also utterly shocking (and I mean S-H-O-C-K-I-N-G) was the heat in Sydney today. I have it on good authority* that the mercury reached 39.2 degrees C (102.6 F)! I know I said somewhere a while back that I was really going to try and embrace summer this time around but it's really hard to embrace anything other than a glass of ice water in this heat.

And actually it's not even summer yet! Yeesh!

Having said that I did embrace - from afar - a moment of summer-ness in the backyard this afternoon


A spot of nudie strawberry eating in the wading pool.

Oh and I have also just now, at 7:30 pm, embraced the still warm washing from the line. Which I hung out at 4pm.

Shocking I tell you.

* the ABC weather man and he seems a trustworthy bloke


  1. It looks like you had a lovely day embracing summer !

    Vanessa (in a wet and windy UK!)

  2. It was ridiculously hot yesterday. My commiserations re the solo parenting! I'm not so keen on embracing Australian summers it just gets way too hot!

  3. Personally embracing summer has hairs on it. The Australian sun is homicidal and wants to kill us all!!!
    Went camping for four days in said homicidal heat, what was I thinking...not much my brain was fried like an egg.

  4. I am with you, yesterday was disgusting. I love Luca's race. That's super cute. And we did the same, filled up the clam, nuded up and spent the afternoon trying to cool down!

  5. Your horse/cow race was WAY more exciting and entertaining than what happened down here in Melbourne. While I'm all for days off work, for a horse race? Really?

    I'm with you on the heat stress. Not good. And while I'm not askign for photograhic proff, I hope you joined in on the nuding strawberry eating in the wading pool! Go on, give the neighbours something to talk about!!!

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