Sunday, December 13, 2009

my creative space and sunday stash all rolled in to one

It is my firm belief that most people want to do something to help others but often it is hard to know where to start. That's where people like Pip at Meet Me at Mike's come in and mobilise us mere mortals into action! For the third year running Pip has called on the crafty community to get stitching (knitting, crocheting whatever) to create softie's for the Mirabel Foundation.

So, thanks to a beautiful parcel from Leonie of some off-white cotton fabric that wasn't quite right for her (this is the Sunday Stash bit),

a gift from a friend ...

and a tried and true pattern from the Meet Me at Mike's book I managed to find a few pockets of time during the week to come up with this fella

Zing the Cat

Good 'ol Zing the Cat. Perhaps looking slightly more sunburnt than I had envisaged but Luca did say "cat" when he saw it and really, a two-year-old is going to be your toughest critic ... except for the Mr who said he kinda looked like the devil *sigh*. You can see lots of other super cute Softie's for Mirabel here.

In my last post I mentioned it had been my Mum's 60th birthday. For months I have been making Mum a quilt and it wasn't until just before I went overseas that I finally admitted defeat and realised I would be giving Mum a quilt top at best. And that is what she got.


Loosely based on the cowboy pinwheel quilt from Material Obsession One only with slightly less cowboys ... actually none.

Some lessons learned through the making of this quilt:

1. Do not ever attempt pinwheels EVER AGAIN!

pinwheel detail

2. Do not choose fabric you think the person is going to like because far out, it makes the pinwheels even harder to construct when you yourself don't love the fabric you're working with!

But hey, at the end of the day she seemed genuinely happy and really that was the aim ;)


  1. I find it strange that I persist in asking my own Mr what he thinks to the crafty stuff I produce. The entirely predictable responses may explain why minimal (a beanie, once) crafting for 42 year old males goes on in this neck of the woods. Know your market, I say! Two year old opinions have way more sway over Dad's. So, ner.

  2. I love it! I'd be stoked with a top that looks like that but I do know what you mean about trying to love colours that just aren't you.
    It does look great though,

  3. If you have to give a quilt top you may as well give one that is truly amazing. What an effort even if you never pinwheel again. The cat is just super cute too!

  4. A fantastic looking quilt top! No wonder your Mum was pleased.

    I have also fallen into the trap of making a quilt with fabrics that were not really my thing.

    Lesson: If someone wants a quilt made by yours truly...they will get what they are given ;)

  5. Aren't you clever! They are both fantastic Mel and I can see all the careful work that went into each, and makes them so much more special :-)
    I love the little expression on the cat's face.
    (And I think the fabrics in the quilt are matched beautifully, colour and pattern!)

  6. OMG...that toy is MAGIC!!!! Brilliant...I have had a ball checking out everyones creations. Its has been so much FUN!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  7. It's gorgeous girl, well done - so pretty.

    Love the softie, so cute and not devilish! You are one clever chicita!

  8. what are you talking about? I just love that quilt!

    I'm also amazed you can take crochet hooks on planes, I always thought it was a no no! Wow now flights are looking a whole lot more interesting...mind you looking after 3 small children on the plane doesn't give you much time to do crochet!

    lovely blog,


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