Tuesday, December 8, 2009

my place and yours :: wherever I lay my hat, that's my home

Once again I am taking liberties with the term "Saturday" by posting this on a "Tuesday". But after a busy weekend celebrating my Mum's 60th Birthday (more on that later), I didn't get time to link in with this weeks "My place and yours .." but by gee, it's such a good one this week and by one of my favouritest bloggers, Tania, so how could I resist ...

So the theme is/was "Wherever I lay my hat, that's my home" - from Tania's blog,

"What are the treasures in your house that signify ‘home’? Is there anything that reminds you of a childhood, a life overseas, a loved one? "

Well, apart from the Mr and kids, who of course make anywhere feel like home (what with all the cooking and washing and nappy changing), I was surprised that there are really only two "things"  that I could find that fit the bill ... 

my Minnie

A painting by Minnie Pwerle given to me as a gift from my Mum, Dad and sister a few years ago. It was quite literally the only time in my life I have been speechless. I needed to be scraped off the floor such was my utter astonishment and delight. Being relatively new, it has only graced two walls so far but I know it would be the first thing to go up when we move again signifying we are "home".


Ok. Tania did it, so will I. This is Brissy. So named after the town I was born in and was mercilessly ripped away from in the prime of my life*, just when I found myself surrounded by the most awesome bunch of friends**. That bunch of friends threw me an excellent not-so-surprise-going-away-party where I was gifted this bloke. At the time he sported a blue satin ribbon and still had most of his facial features.

Over the years he has fitted very neatly into the crook of my arm while I attempt to sleep (crazy insomniac I am), and acted as a very nice wedge between the "girls" when laying on my side during my pregnancies  (I seem to morph into Dolly Parton at the first whiff of being with child. Too much information?). I keep saying that I will gladly hand him over as soon as any of the kids decide they can't live without him, but since that hasn't happened yet I shall continue to nudge him into place each evening***.

So there you have it. Two quite different items I guess but two items I would struggle without ;)

For more of these stories nip on over to Pip's place.

* fourteen - you can imagine the pain
** two of whom read this blog and are probably falling over themselves that TWENTY ONE years later (yes, really) I still have this bear!
*** whilst I don't take Brissy on any long haul journeys, though I have seriously considered it, I do find space for him on overnight trips. I have tried without and it's just not the same. Have Brissy, will sleep that kind of thing. 


  1. I can see how no place would feel like home without those two x

  2. ooo I would be taking that painting too....stunning!!

  3. gorgeous painting, and Brissy is adorable, how could you not go anywhere without him!

  4. I can't tell you how thrilled I am I'm not the only one fessing up to non-street-cred stuffed toy habits. I'm also afflicted with a case of the ‘girls’. Very nice painting Mrs.

  5. That painting is amazing. I love the idea that the painting that makes your place feel like home was a gift from those you shared your first home with.

  6. Thanks for sharing! I wanted to post some of our art as where I feel I belong, but the particular piece is being framed. Love your painting! And your bear looks very loved.

  7. Gorgeous post, worth waiting for ;)

  8. There's no shame in having a Brissy, don't we all!

  9. Wow! That painting is lovely... and made even lovelier by the fact that your family gave it to you! But the bears are totally winning this week! So pleased that you played! x


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