Sunday, January 24, 2010

crochet throw completed!

Well, kind of ...

couch throw completed!

miniature worlds

Fi Fi likes it anyway ;)

And another notch on my handmade gifts belt (I did take the pledge after all), the lovely "Polly" from the first softies book.


I love her cheeky little grin. And a little matching bag for wrapping

the wrapping

All the (surprisingly and refreshingly), non-pink fabric was chosen by Sienna who insisted the birthday girl's favourite colour was orange. I had cause to doubt this when;

1. the invitations were pink
2. the birthday girl was dressed head to toe in pink-ness
3. the birthday girl took one look at Polly and all but threw her in the bin ...

Oh well. Secretly I like to think she found her again late last night after she'd grown bored of all the pink stuff and decided she needed something soft and lovingly handmade to snuggle up to!


  1. Well that is the nicest throw I have EVER SEEN!!!! lol...congratulations...its so much further than I have got!!!! and I love your pressies.......out with the plastic I say!!!

  2. You can be forgiven because of the name of your blog....

  3. That's my kind of throw! I love little doll's house scenes like the one in this post, miniature furniture really does it for me. All kids just rip into presents at birthdays without really looking, don't they? I bet she did snuggle up with her new softie, how could she resist that kooky smile? xo

  4. Super cute, Fifi is one lucky Flower Tot.

    Well I think Polly is super - and that little girl is super duper lucky. She is the cutest! I can definitely imagine all that pink would have worn off and Polly would be the perfect antidote. x

  5. your softie the bomb ... I'm so glad she's going to a good home.

  6. Great throw - how did you shrink your furniture to match? Are you teeny tiny too?LOL
    Love Polly to bits. So will the recipient, especially when Barbie's head comes off and all the plastic junk is broken and forgotten. Pink is overrated!

  7. Given I am 160 circle in squares down, with 58 to go (hardly any of them with ends weaved in I might add - gulp!) and I'll be going until at least mid 2011, you can appreciate my gasped WHAT?!?!?!? when I thought you'd finished more than one square of lap blanket. It's a really lovely single square lap blanket, might I add.

  8. I was wondering how you did that so quick - till i saw the size of it! Isn't it just so much fun though?

  9. You made me giggle Mel. Not only at the image of your completed throw, but more at the thought of you setting it all up!

    I wondered about a secret plan.... is Sienna's favourite colour orange...??!!!

  10. Oh dear, a handmade softie binned, ouch!! She's adorable & super sweet, i love orange!! Cute bag to match & cutest doll's house blanket ever!! Don't be disheartened, love Posie

  11. that looks like my kind of crotchet rug pattern!


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