Friday, January 15, 2010

embracing my inner nanna

Well friends this week I have traded in the ra-ra skirt, bad make-up and Wayfarers for a [crocheted] shawl, the circle-in-a-square pattern, various yarns from my travels and my trusty hook.

On Wednesday night the lovely Kate ever so patiently sat and taught me pretty much everything I needed to know to get cracking on my circles-in-squares.

Now I'm not sure if it was wise to pretty much insist that Kate teach me to crochet seen as how it was the first time we'd met and all. Let's just say there was many sleep-deprived, blonde, vacant, "Whaaaa's that again?" coming from me and nothing but cool, calm repetitive patience coming from Kate!

Anyway here's where I am at so far

first circle-in-a-square

second attempt circle-in-a-square

Tonnes of mistakes I know but good lord it was fun! All the yarn is from Wolle Roedel in Germany apart from the white yarn bordering the second square which is an old Zara Italian wool from Tapestry Craft (so much for supporting the Australian Wool Industry there *ahem*)

And as luck would have it Pip is cranking up the Granny A Day again over at Meet Me at Mikes. So c'mon, grab your hook, your cuppa, a nice bickie and let us all embrace our inner nanna's! You know you want to ...

Now, for a nice little nap.

(p.s did you SEE how many links I got into this post? I was a cutting and pasting fool I tell you! Did you click on any of them?)


  1. I followed the links, I felt the link love. Kate she is a good girl, and look at you go. That circle one is amazing. One a day - you go girl.

  2. Ha Ha....just wait lady...I'll be with you soon enough!!!

  3. Well done, it's only the beginning! xo

  4. Your squares look fantastic Mel!Well done and don't be fooled....ask my daughter how patient I am and you may get the real me ;)

    Did you find it easier working with the other yarn?

  5. Your squares look great Mel - well done!

  6. Your Inner Nanna is quite a clever lady! Plus, her colous choices are not at all Nanna like.

  7. nup not one - but I am a sniff away from bed and just popped over to see what you are up to - and what lovely crochet you are doing my friend nana! Well done! My crochet beanie is slower than a snail!

  8. Oh, I don't know if I dare add another project to my life! I love your squares, though.

  9. wow, you are doing well & kate is a pretty ace chick to learn off

  10. look at that, cool nanna squares!
    I am definitely missing out on the fun.
    Kate, oh Kate...where are you ;)


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